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Looking for an adventure that doesn't involve your standard orcs and goblins? This group will focus on Science Fiction and Indie Tabletop RPGs for people who are looking for a quest outside of Dungeons & Dragons.

All are welcome regardless of how much (if any!) RPG experience you have.

Possible Games include homebrew StarFinder, Monster of the Week, Call of Cthulhu, & FateCore. During the shelter-in-place we will be meeting online.

Upcoming events (1)

RPG Discovery Roundtable

Online event

New to tabletop RPGs? An old tabletop veteran who wants to learn about new systems? This event is for you! Several Martian Societies GMs will be running short RPG scenarios so that you can learn about and "test drive" many systems.

We will be exploring:
D&D, beyond the Forgotten Realms: Welcome Eberron and Threros
The Fate of Harley Quinn: craft a hero with any power set in FateCore
Microscope: Worldbuilding as Community
Tarot & RPGs: Muckraker System, Weave, Querent and More
(final game list may adjust - will try to keep this current if/when it does)

If there is any other system you would like to learn about, let us know!

I will give the Discord link in a message to interested players! Feel free to invite others!

Note also, starting in July we will be having in person events (we would do something in June but the schedule gods have not smiled upon us), so even if you don't prefer digital events this may be a great way to meet ppl in the group.

Past events (30)

Eberron: Wildnight Festivale

Online event

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