What we're about

We are all about finding a moment of peace, ease, and relief in our fast-paced, pressure driven, demanding lives. We love coming together each week in a beautiful, safe space to learn and practice all kinds of mindfulness techniques that allow us to feel calm, relaxed and connected with others who feel the same way.

Mindfulness is more than just being present and aware of your thoughts and feelings - sometimes that's overwhelming. It is paying a special kind of attention - one that is balanced, non-judgmental, kind and compassionate so that you can approach life with more freedom, calm, and balance.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or an experienced practitioner, this group is intended to be a place of coming together and practicing tried and true techniques to feel calm, centered, and in control of your life.

This group is for you if you answer yes to any of the following:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, stressed, worried, rushed, or anxious?

Do people often tell you you need to relax and get out of your head?

Do people tell you you're being hard on yourself?

Do you have trouble sleeping because your thoughts or feelings just won't stop?

Do you feel burned out by your job or your to-do list?

Do you have unwanted thoughts and feelings?

Do you feel stress or anxiety in relationships?

We've been there. And we've found tools to overcome.

I'm Elana Morgulis, MFT, E-RYT and this group is co-facilitated by Dr. Ellis Edmunds, PsyD. I'm a licensed psychotherapist and yoga teacher and Ellis is a psychologist. We have practices in Rockridge and Piedmont, CA where we specialize in treating adults with anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues. You can learn more about us by checking out our websites below.



We'd love to have you join us!

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