What we're about

As a community, we need to come together to build intelligent and truthful education about what it really means to have passive income, cash-flow and proper budgeting and investments that make a difference to you as an individual and as a family care-taker or chief of household.

As an Indian Woman in the bay area, I have worked with families from different backgrounds and races, supporting them to move past financial stress into financial viability and thence onto financial abundance. I understand what it means to struggle and I understand what it means to a family when they are ‘making it’ and building solidly for a great financial future – for themselves and their children if they have children.

If you are a mother or a father or a single adult, learning about the myths and the truths about finances and passive income, will give you clear insight into what is realistic and practicable for you, your family and your communities.
We are a community dedicated to such education. I do not pretend to know everything, but I will be bringing you teachers who know more than I do – to help you grow and become clear and educated.
Our vision is to create a community of financially supported and viable individuals and families in the Bay Area.

What you will gain from this group:

a. EDUCATION ON BASICS: What does Passive Income, Cash flow really mean and how can you achieve that?

b. LEADING EDGE EDUCATION: Proper financial education that only very few people get. We want to democratize this education – by making it easily available.

c. STARTING A BUSINESS: How to start a business and make it grow?

d. FINANCIAL OPTIONS GIVING CHOICE AND FREEDOM: Options customized to you to build passive income, cash flow and a business – even if you have not had a business before.

e. And much much more.

Kinds of events we primarily have:
a. Training and Educational Events – learning and getting support from the community.
b. Networking and social events to get you connected with more opportunities that make sense.
Please join our group ASAP.
See you soon!
Prativa Das, Community Financial Organizer, Teacher and Guide.

For years, Ms. Das has led workshops, training and support for her community – teaching individual adults, wives, mothers and families in the science and art of financial well-being, passive income tools, cash flow management and more salient and important facets of generating people and families that are financially secure and successful – success being individually designed and defined.

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