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Chapter 1. We originally started out as an iphone group. I thought that was cool because while I am an avid photographer, I really never used my phone for photography. Before we even met, someone asked if they could bring their big camera. About half the folks at our first walk had big cameras. The beginning of the end started. This was not the vision of the original founder. Shortly thereafter, he was gone.

Chapter 2. Intrepid Michele stepped into the fray. She changed the name and premise of the group to include all all kinds of walks with all kinds of equipment. This meetup was her meetup. She led 99% of the walks for 2 years, usually 2 per month. To her, we are eternally grateful.

Chapter3. Last December, she announced that she was resigning as the organizer. I asked our active members for help in leading events. Twelve people responded that they would lead a walk. With that support, I assumed the role of the group organizer.

It is important to know the back story because we are on a whole different trajectory for better or worse. Chapter 2 had a rhythm and verse. Chapter 3 is wide open.

Big picture: This is a very nice group of friendly walkers that naturally mixes up with each walk. New members are warmly welcomed.

LEADERS: We have a lot of new leaders with a lot of potential. Leaders are just regular folks trying to share something they think our group will enjoy. They are entitled to enjoy the walk as much as the members. Leaders can schedule a walk when they want. They set the number of attendees. They plan the event. They respond to inquiries. If you have ideas for a walk, I can set you up as a event organizer. If you are not comfortable leading, contact me with your suggestion. I can lead the walk.

I think it is always appropriate to thank the leader after the event, in person and in the meetup event comment section.

MEMBERS: Our name says it all.

We are a meetup. Arrive early, introduce yourself and stick with us.

We walk. Walks are usually 1-2 miles. Eat before the walk. Bring water.

We take photos. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep you equipment secure.

You may not bring guest if they are not on the RSVP list. You are not welcome to crash a meetup if you are not on the RSVP list.

EVENT PHOTOS: For each walk, there is an upload file to load pictures. This is really the icing on the cake.

It is a chance to thank the leader for organizing such a cool walk. It is chance to showcase your creative eye. It is a chance to learn from others who walking right along side you. You can check out our prior albums to see the variety of walks as well as the variety of perspectives our members bring.

The goal is to have space for everyone to shine. Plan on loading your best 5-10 pictures. After a week, there feel free to load a few more if it adds the album. Editing your work is at least half the criteria for becoming a better photographer.

I reserve the right to delete any picture that I feel is inappropriate. I also reserve the right to delete any and all pictures of members overloading an album.

Finally, only members who attend the meetup are allowed to load photos.

ATTENDANCE: I understand things happen. Quite often there is a waitlist. If you RSVP, you are expected to attend. RSVPing Yes and then changing to No repeatedly (place holding), cancelling less than 24 hours in advance, not showing up or just running late is the same as a no show. You will be removed from the group for bad attendance. We have over 900 members. Our leaders are volunteers. Good attendance shows respect for the leader and respect for our community. You are expected to show up on time and check in with the leader.

LIABILITY: You attend these events at your own risk. This group has no responsibility for your personal safety or your equipment.

WELCOME: I hope you will join us as we explore the East Bay with our cameras

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