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This is a meetup for LGBTQ and/or otherwise "queer"-identifying folks to get together and read books together, talk about them, and socialize. (But we won't discriminate against any straight allies that may want to participate!)

Starting in June we will no longer be meeting on the 4th Sunday of the month but the 2nd. The Meetup site should automatically send out reminders as the meeting days approach.

Books read in this meetup group will include multiple genres, and group participants will help decide what books will be read by suggesting titles to be added to the ongoing list that the Committee for Book Selection updates then groups together to be voted on by members. It is a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to books and genres that you may not otherwise read on your own (at least, that has been my experience with book clubs).

There is never any pressure to have the book for a given meeting fully read (or even cracked open to read). We know that life happens to take away time, and joining really close to a meeting date doesn't leave much room to finish a book either. Just join us for some good conversation and wine. Maybe you'll be inspired to read the book after the fact.

Did you say wine? Yes! I will supply at least one bottle of some type of wine at each meeting. Attendees are also encouraged to bring something to share--but, like having the book read--this is not a requirement. It just makes it more social.

Please feel free to offer suggestions for books to read by reaching out to one of the members of the Committee for Book Selection (Alan, Maria, Sky and Steve). We ask that books be either written by a LGBTQ+ author or focus on LGBTQ+ characters or themes. We are not overly philosophical, academic, or pretentious in our treatment of the books we read. But we aren't light and fluffy about things either. We are a diverse group, with different opinions; but that just makes for good discussion.

Oh, and any book that we read for the club will be available through Books, Inc., who provide a 15% discount when you buy it through them and tell them that you are reading it for the book club. They keep track of what we are reading, so they will be able to confirm this.

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May - Real Queer America by Samantha Allen

Books Inc.

(*** Meetings are always on the 2nd Sunday of the month) This month we will read and discuss Real Queer America by Samantha Allen. "A transgender reporter's narrative tour through the surprisingly vibrant queer communities sprouting up in red states, offering a vision of a stronger, more humane America. In Real Queer America, Allen takes us on a cross-country road-trip stretching all the way from Provo, Utah to the Rio Grande Valley to the Bible Belt to the Deep South. Her motto for the trip: "Something gay every day." Making pit stops at drag shows, political rallies, and hubs of queer life across the heartland, she introduces us to scores of extraordinary LGBT people working for change, from the first openly transgender mayor in Texas history to the manager of the only queer night club in Bloomington, Indiana, and many more. Capturing profound cultural shifts underway in unexpected places and revealing a national network of chosen family fighting for a better world, Real Queer America is a treasure trove of uplifting stories and a much-needed source of hope and inspiration in these divided times." *** Please join us for some good discussion and social time. Refreshments will be available. (Please feel free to bring a snack or beverage. The organizers will supply at least one bottle of wine as well as water, napkins, plates, cups and utensils.) There is never any pressure to have the book completed (or read at all) in order to attend. We would just love to have you, and it can be enjoyable to hear about the book and meet some cool people. Remember that Books, Inc. provides book club members a 15% discount on the books we are reading for the meetup. Call ahead to make sure they have a copy available for you. They can also arrange to have books shipped to you. Parking and transportation: Parking can be challenging, but there are a number of options. There are the obvious street meters which are free at this time. In addition to these there are two outdoor lots and a parking garage in the vicinity, all of which are also free on Sundays. (Regularly $0.50/hr) The Civic Center Parking Structure is next door to the Alameda Theatre and is located at 1416 Oak Street, between Central Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue. Lot A is accessible from Park Avenue between Central avenue and Santa Clara Avenue. Lot B is accessible from both Central Avenue and Alameda Avenue between Oak Street and Park Street. The bookstore is also not too far from the Fruitvale BART Station on Oakland. It is an easy bus ride from there. Arrangements can also be made with the organizer and/or other members for rides to and from the BART. Just post requests and availability to the comments, or e-mail me through the web page links. *** Book Selection: At this meeting we will be discussing and voting upon our book for June. The theme is LGBTQIA+ History, please reflect on if there is a book you would like to put forward to the group and come prepared with a copy of the book for members consideration or a print out of the book title, author and a synopsis. If you are unable to attend but would still like to recommend a book, please reach out to Sky at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. When considering a suggestion, please take a moment to check the list of books previously read by this group to make sure your selection can be considered: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aN4BaPn1buIHZ1lryih4lMduPt4ShEIdaQLCyea3okQ/edit?usp=sharing Upcoming Themes: July - Adventure Stories/Sports August - Science Fiction September - Free For All October - Culture Conflicts November - Parent/Child December - Anything But the Holidays

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April - Myra Breckinridge by Gore Vidal

Books Inc.

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