Craft Klatsch at Worldcon 76!

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Look for Becca! If I remember a table sign, look for that, too!

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August's Craft Klatsch will take place at Worldcon 76 in San Jose! I know we have a strong contingent of EBSFFWs going to Worldcon - hopefully we'll also have a strong contingent able to make this time slot.

Come take a break from the convention center insanity at Caffe Frascati (, which looks to be a relaxing Italian cafe only two blocks away. Caffeine, alcohol, and/or food are available. We'll share what we're loving about the con, what we're not loving quite so much, and what our plans are for the remaining two days of the convention. Make a panel or party buddy for the rest of the weekend!

Note: An anti-leftist protest has been scheduled for the plaza in front to the Convention Center for Saturday afternoon (under the guise of being anti-pedophilia in SF/F), and of course, a counter-protest has now also been scheduled. Full info here:

Please consider leaving the Convention Center by way of any other exit but the main one to avoid the protests. If you are concerned at all for your safety, Worldcon will have volunteers in pink shirts ready and willing to walk with you anywhere in the Convention Center's vicinity - that includes Caffe Frascati!

Feel free to share what you'll be doing at Worldcon 76 in the comments, whether or not you can attend the Klatsch. I'll start:

Thursday: Going to the Borderlands Sponsor Party that night
Friday: I'll be signing my book in the Exhibit Hall from 1pm to 1:25 pm and attending the Ghost Hunting Tour at 6:45 pm.
Saturday: This! I'll also be reading as part of Broad Universe at 5 pm.
Sunday: Watching the Hugos
Monday: Coming home late afternoon!