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Sound Spirit Healing Community
BRING: YOGA MAT, LIGHT BLANKET & CUSHION (IF WANTED), JOURNAL & PEN. **Purchase tix in advance to secure spot and date @ Eventbrite: Cost: $15 EVENING DETAILS 1. Receive a 30+min sound healing - get comfortable and just relax and let your body/mind/spirit regenerate itself in the environment of sound soothing you, relaxing you, healing you. Receive in community. 2. Learn how to use your own voice to self-sooth, to boost your energy, to transform your mood, to be compassionate and to raise your self-awareness of your needs, have some fun, enjoy working sensitively and playfully with others, heal pain. 3. If there is time we may learn how to give each other sound healings. Discover and share in community. Discover your own capacity to heal others. + What will we be doing? - Receiving a sound healing - Absorbing healing energy - Expressing through sound - Journaling - Sound Meditations - Sharing our realities - Receiving & Giving Sound Healings (depending on group energy & time) + What will you be developing? - Ability to receive - Sounding skills - Listening skills - Self-Leadership skills - Compassion - Awareness of Sound, Expression, Energy & Healing - Courage, intimacy and self-awareness - Authentic self expression skills - Sincere presence - Confidence in your voice + Agenda - 7.00pm arrive - 7.15pm connect with group & self reflective exercise. - 7.40pm sound healing -[masked] sharing & sounding exercises - 8.25pm closing circle, final share & sending healing to planet & world. - 8.30pm announcements & close.

2nd Floor, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists

1606 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709-2022, United States · Berkeley, CA

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    Sound Healing - receive, explore, enjoy!

    What People Are Saying: "Clare's voice and playing literally felt like an all-over brain and body massage. My mind felt calmer and my nervous system automatically followed. I also appreciate her ability to be honest and connected to each moment as she is playing, and her encouragement for us all to listen to our own bodies." Alice Dote, Bay Area

    “Thank you so much Clare, for your beautiful gifts! The Sound Healing Journey took me deeper within and truly broke through barriers to reveal more inner truth! I can’t wait to have personal session with you!” Delfina Alden, LA, CA

    "In addition to the deep, resonant sounds created by Clare's voice and shruti, sounds which allowed me to receive the gifts of passive cellular restoration, she led us in active participation with exercises to use our voice and co-create our healing. It's unique and important work that she does and I wish it for everyone. Thank you, Clare!" Molly Kittles, Storyteller, SF.

    “There are harmonics our souls yearn for… seek, and when heard it strikes a deep chord of remembrance that we haven’t had before in this lifetime. Clare’s voice plunged me into this return to home, so her voice is truly of the divine. I’ve been waiting for her voice my whole life” Jan Cercone, Sound Healer, Song and Spirit Center Founder, Fairfax, CA, USA.

    Cost: $15 - tix Eventbrite ( (

    This is a group for people to receive a sound healing from two professional Bay Area sound healers, and then have the opportunity to learn how to generate your own personal sounds with voice, and experiment with self-soothing, uplifting, calming, inspiring, joy-filling, and centering and having fun re-claiming that all-sacred space that is you!

    We are made of sound. If you believe in String Theory, we are walking symphony's. Both receiving and generating intetional sound changes who we are, how we feel and what happens next.

    Become even more emotionally sensitive, self-aware, compassionate, empowered and inspiring.

    Relax. Receive. Deepen your experience of intimacy and receiving in a safe environment. You will love it!

    Come to any of the event pages ( for details of what we do when we gather, and instructions on what to bring.

    Venue: Indoors, lovely light-filled room with lots of windows, seats, restrooms and limited kitchen facilities available. (see actual events for details)

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