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East Bay UFO/ET Contact Group Meetup

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Contactees, Experiencers and Starseeds who wish to share their experiences, learn and grow together in a loving, non-judging and Spiritual way. We honor everyone's experiences here. It doesn't matter if you can't remember anything that might have happened to you or whether you are an ET who landed here on planet Earth yesterday. The more diverse, the better we will all benefit from sharing and supporting one another.

NO "PROOF" NECESSARY! The need for 'proof' is a lower vibration of energy, and 'proof' is defined differently for everyone. We are gathering not to prove, just to share and feel what resonates truth within you!

It is time for people to open their hearts and expand their minds to other life perspectives. By doing so, you prepare your mind, body and soul for Earth's acceleration. Earth (Gaia) is evolving with as many of the life forms that live upon her who can evolve to a frequency high enough to ascend with her. That is why Gaia called for Universal help decades ago, and why so many ETs arrived to help.

This group will focus on Spiritual growth and acceptance of all Contactees, Experiencers, Starseeds and hybrids who share their personal stories. My intention is to hold our meetings with a high vibration of Light energy so that we only attract Light energy! Be ready to have your perspectives thrown open! Please join us!

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