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What we’re about

The EBYP is a community-based organization focused on providing social, networking & business development events and opportunities for East Bay , Rhode Island professionals in their twenties, thirties, and early forties.

The EBYP aims to create business and social opportunities, support professional development and welcome new and existing young professionals to the East Bay, Rhode Island community - Barrington, Bristol, and Warren.  EBYP supports hundreds of young professionals as they expand their contact base, develop professional skills, promote themselves and their business and gain access to community leaders in relaxed settings. Providing young professionals who live and/or work in the East Bay, Rhode Island, area with opportunities to network with with other talented and driven individuals is an important goal of our organization.
Events and programs take place on a monthly, sometimes quarterly  basis. Our networking events are hosted at various East Bay, Rhode Island venues and we  encourage young professionals to build their contacts, swap ideas and, most importantly, have fun. It is our hope to educate and offer unique opportunities that appeal to young professionals in our beautiful community.