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East Coast Real Estate Investors Group. Join us each and every month to network with others in the Real Estate industry. *Please read below before attending any event. Feel free to post articles, updates and opportunities in the message board section where you may also post deals, information, advertisements.

Real Estate Networking and Connections Parties - Come Get Introduced!

New business contacts, deals and funding easily! Come Meet, Mingle And Get Introduced! I do all the work!

Are You Tired Of Wasting Your Precious Time, Energy And Money Going To Networking Events Only To Be Sold Something, Eat Food You Didn't Want To Eat or Fend For Yourself To Make Awkward Interruptions & Introductions? Well, Come To Our No Frills" Real Estate Networking And Connections Events!

Come be personally introduced to as many guests as possible.

Come enjoy introductions, connections, uncover commonalities, suggested follow ups, meetings, opportunities for contact information exchanges, presentations and much much more.

*Two Real Estate related, five minute presentation / speaking opportunities open! (Scroll down for details).

Come enjoy full-service networking introductions in a no-frills environment. Cash bar available. Full menu available for purchase.

Sign-up today to start networking and developing mutually beneficial relationships with people you didn't know you needed to know.

All are welcome because everyone knows someone we should connect with.

Remember to bring plenty of business cards!

Please take a moment to RSVP even if you think you only might be able to join in. It will inspire others to attend and attendees will make more connections because of you!

Who should attend:

Contractors, interior designers, Painters, electricians, investors, private lenders, Real Estate Agents, brokers, plumbers, Estate Lawyers, Insurance providers, Contract lawyers, RE lawyers, developers, lawyers who specialize in probate or divorce, people who know people with aging parents, know absentee landlords or landlords who are older themselves and looking to sell their property, people who can access probate or tax lien lists, painters, electricians, mail-men and women etc... anyone who has access to information about homes / buildings that may be available now or will become available soon should definitely attend since many Real Estate investors like myself offer a cash finders fee.

Please consider pitching the group, making a presentation or simply making an elevator pitch because I will have a tripod / device holder if you would like to record your presentation to use on your own social media.

You will be discussing your business with people in the group any way, why not use this time to practice, present to everyone at once plus get content for your websites, social media, Youtube channels or even just to send to prospective clients via e-mail for years to come.

Help me to help you get the absolute most value out of our group and events by signing up or forwarding to someone who would add vale and get value from speaking and having their presentation recorded. Click the link to sign-up for a 5 minute (or less) speaker spot for just $20.00 on-line or $40.00 cash at the event. E-mail for link.

*Our events our designed and promoted for the express purpose of being of value to people in the R.E. field, to advance possibilities and wealth through connections and relationships. Each event is the result of approx 60 hours of unpaid work for the benefit of each member so please think of me if you have opportunities, wholesale referrals or leads that you just don't have the "bandwidth" for. Also, please do purchase food and or drinks at my events. I have convinced venues to give us comfortable spaces and they schedule additional staff members for your convenience instead of going to the bar, separating from the group, waiting for drinks, returning and trying to rejoin conversations.

Often the complimentary space that the venues provide comes at the expense of regular paying customers not being accommodated so please consider sharing an appetizer with someone new so that we can grow and be welcome and wanted everywhere we go. I do not want to start charging an event or membership fee in order to keep attracting newer and more connections for you so please help me to help keep us growing and welcome. We all have to eat sometime and sharing food with someone new is a great way to connect and build plus it will help the venue to keep people employed.

If you are interested in speaking at our events please each out to L.A. Homsey.

If you are interested in being a sponsor please reach out as well. I am always open to media, food/beverage, location sponsorship to introduce this dynamic group to.

Plus learn the exciting world of wholesaling as I learn for less than $5.00/month when you join today! I will be sharing the great information, contracts, documents and contacts I access on my personal journey with the most prestigious Investing educational company: Fortune Builders Mastery Program!


Sponsored by Heart To Hand Home Buying Solutions - Preferred lender for East Coast Real Estate / Tri-State Fortune Builders Real Estate Investors Group. For All Your Real Estate Funding Needs Visit: https://www.privatemoneyexchange.com/lp/aff-page-cs/Hearttohandhomes

For Lease Option Home Owners List (Home Owners Open To "Term" Selling / Creative Finance Options Please visit my website at: https://info60426.wixsite.com/hearttohandrenov

L.A. Homsey is a Private and Hard Money Lender with Heart To Hand Home Solutions/CoGo Capital Syndicate

"My real estate investment business specializes in creative financing, buying distressed homes, renovating and reselling them through a strong network of cash, lease option and "subject to" existing financing buyers. We are able to fund and close quickly on almost any property.

I am always looking for local wholesalers who want to earn some cash on the deals that they find but can't make work through traditional "low-ball" offers. Are you a wholesaler? Feel free to contact/refer me.

If you know of someone who inherited a home, maybe got divorced or fell on hard times and needs to get out from under their debt. You would be doing them a great service just by passing along my number since I can be very creative with financing, give them the highest cash offer and close on their timeline. Do you like marketing? I pay a commission for finding distressed, damaged homes and am always looking for both properties and buyers to put together so this may be the perfect opportunity for you to make money while helping me, the seller and my buyers who want their money in my projects making 12%-15% vs the bank at under 1%-2%.Call or text me at 646-687-5572 Join My Group Of Private RE Investors And Never Miss An Opportunity to Make 12%-15%"

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