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Wednesday Beer and Board Games
We know that sometimes the challenge to getting to play those board games that you are intrigued by is finding other like-minded folks to play with! Enter our Beer and Boardgames night! Our boardgames library has a whole host of different options, from old family favourites (yes Gran, QI is a word, and it's worth 11 points!) to newer flavours to suit every taste. With a well stocked bar, and an ever growing library of great games, all we need is you! Either come on your own and we'll find folks for you to play with, or get in touch and reserve something ready to get stuck in as soon as you show up. If there are games you are hoping to play, let us know - even if we don't have them just yet, there's a fair chance we can get them. Pretty much the only board-games off the table for our library are legacy games that aren't well suited to being played as pick-up games. Sorry folks, no Gloomhaven or Pandemic Legacy. We do have regular Pandemic though, and are happy to help you find cool people to play your own copy of Gloomhaven with!

Magic Madhouse (FLGS)

Swan Wharf, 60 Dace Road · London

What we're about

Do you love games? We do!

Sometimes (just sometimes) it's nice to have a night off computer screens to play games with old friends and new. If you are looking for new games, old games, new people to play with, then we can help!

Our bar and gaming space is well set up for all manner of gaming, and with this Meetup, you'll be able to find new players of your favourite game, or indeed find a new favourite game to play with old friends. Join us!

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