Next Meetup

Getting going again!
Hello there! I’ve been asked to help get this group going again and in order to do so, I need some help. I have no historical experience of this meetup, so I don’t know if there were specific activities peculiar to this meetup or not. I plan two run two different types of meetups: workshops and events. Workshops will be more frequent, smaller and more informal, hopefully around 10-15 attendees. There will be 25 minutes (including questions) of (very informal) presentations by one of the attendees. This will be followed by a 25 minute code review, either of code attendees provide or we will provide some code. Finally, there will be a short Q&A session. Then we will retire to a nearby pub. Events will (unless someone comes up with some inspiration) be conventional, larger sessions with 2-3 formal presentations, followed by beer and pizza and networking. In order to help me make something that will inspire you to attend future gatherings, I’ve put together a very short survey on SurveyMonkey and I’d be very grateful if you could take approximately 4-5 minutes to complete it. Complete the survey here: Thanks in advance!

Needs a location