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What's a sound bath?
It's a journey through crystal bowls and gongs that help to relax and calm the mind and body. Take your busy mind into deep meditation all while you're laying down.

We set the stage for deep mediation, relaxation, and rejuvenation. We have included pictures of what our sound baths look like. We encourage those who attend to be comfortable with blankets and pillows, and create a cozy environment.

We'll meet at events. We'll meet at parks. We'll meet at the beach. We'll meet on mountains.

Benefits of Sound Healing:

reduced stress
reduced fatigue
reduced anxiety
improved mood
improved sleep
assistance in new neural pathways
increased focus
increased concentration
increased motivation
increased energy
deep meditation
deepened spiritual connection

Join us.


FREE RESOURCE - DOWNLOAD A STRESS RELEASE SOUND BATH HERE (https://www.alwaysplay.org/freesoundbathdownload)

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LOVE ACTIVATION Breathwork and Sound Bath

Studio A Dance

LOVE ACTIVATION BREATHWORK + SOUNDBATH We're at the peak of summer time energy! Join us for LOVE ACTIVATION breathwork and sound bath 10/20 About this Event LOVE ACTIVATION BREATHWORK + SOUNDBATH We're surely at the peak of summer energy and we're ready to harness the amazing creative, passionate, flirty, and loving energy the summertime gives us. The popular workshop is back this month with Jay and Shanila to activate LOVE into your life. Self-love, love for others, being worthy of love, and getting into that activate state always opens up huge opportunities and creative paths. Breathwork will get to the core of bringing in that love energy - Followed by a sound bath that assists in gently rinsing away anything that's blocking us and help us float off into a wonderful warm space. We'll use essential oils and light aromatherapy to elevate the entire experience. Jay Bradley will guide you through a beautiful combination of Pranayama breath, an ancient healing practice of Ho’Oponopono, while accompanied and followed by a meditative sound bath with Shanila. The breathwork is a three-part breath that allows us to access and release subconscious and emotional blockages in the body. The practice is powerful at healing emotional wounds, releasing stress, and inviting a deep sense of gratitude. Groups have described Jay as a completely transformative and heaven sent experience! The sound journey includes gong, 432 Hz quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and other healing instruments used to put the mind into deep meditation, rejuvenation, and relaxation. This immersive breathing and sound practice helps to uncover blockages in the physical, emotional, and spiritual body, and to release all that no longer serves you. Join us as we re-discover gratitude, forgiveness, and love. Energy exchange: $30 pre-registration on Eventbrite or $40 cash at the door. Early bird pricing ends one day before the event. RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/love-activation-breathwork-and-sound-bath-tickets-73317375243?aff=erelexpmlt Bring: a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, crystals, water, and anything else to create a comfortable laying down experience. We only have a handful of mats to share so make sure you bring something to lay on for 1.5 hours. Venue: 2306 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027. The entrance to the high vibe studio is through the alley way. Space is limited and pre-registering is definitely recommended. Come a bit early to park and get cozy.

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Reiki Sound Bath

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