What we're about

The East Troy Computer Club is a community-driven group of all-age, all-skill level tinkerers interested in playing with technology. We meet every other week (or so) over a variety of topics at a cafe on the historic square of East Troy, WI.

This club is over six years old. Smaller meetups tend to take on a roundtable discussion format while larger turnouts/topics are more formal in presentation. Feel free to jump in on the conversation, show & tell your latest project or challenge.

Each meetup will have a theme and loose agenda to guide the group. Some will be geared towards kids, or helping grandparents out with getting their email to work. Others, and likely most consistently, we'll be a group of adults talking mostly about internet and hardware technologies. A little on the advanced side, but what better group of talented folks to serve as a backbone to a club such as this!

Things we're open to meeting over:

• Arts & Craft projects utilizing technology.
• Robotics. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Tessel hardware projects.
• Web development, design, scaling and performance.
• Hands-on workshops. Such as 'intro to electronics' for children.
• Summer 'boot camps'—Computer summer camp for kids.
• Programming, Unit tests, Development tools and tips.
• GNU/Linux, UNIX and general System Administration.
• Productivity, Workflow and staying focus.
• Collecting/Mining local (meta) data.
• Practicing your presentation skills with us.
• Sprints (work on projects together, right then and there).
• Tutorials / HOWTO's - An instructor walks the group through a particular topic.
• Helping Seniors stay connected.
• Sharing tips, tricks and software.

As we grow, certain interests or projects may branch out of this club, such as working with the Public Library and other facilities. We also have a GitHub organization; http://github.com/etcc/

We're a patient body of tinkerers invested in local community and set out to foster discovery and education of technology.

You don't have to be from East Troy to participate. Come on over!

Upcoming events (5)

Digital Currencies... Like Bitcoin
Needs a date and time

2894 On Main

Details TBA. Watch this space and in the meantime, grab a coffee at the Cafe. They take bitcoin ;)

How to build an API
Needs a date and time

2894 On Main

Everyone wants to write and play with APIs. We'll teach you how to get started; and some best practices to follow. Details TBA.

The Demo Scene
Needs a date and time

2894 On Main

Details TBA. This will be a visually engaging meetup. Lots of cool visuals to show you! Bring your 3D glasses, even!

Developing iPhone and iPad apps using Swift
Needs a date and time

2894 On Main

Details TBA.

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Tinkering with Technology; Now at Michael Fields

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

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