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We've got quarterly reservations (ask for East Valley Support Group) for a "field trip" painting party at As You Wish Pottery! We meet on the third Sunday, QUARTERLY... in February, May, August and November. It's only $6 per person (for instruction, paints & materials), PLUS the cost of the item you select to paint! 1. Select the item you want to paint and then select the paints and decorations you're going to use. 2. If you're new to this, we can get their coordinator for explanation of techniques & directions. 3. Then, get creative and paint! Their website ( has wonderful videos on some wonderful ideas for painting the objects. 4. When we're finished, we leave the items to be fired in their kiln and on Wednesday after 4:00pm, they'll have them ready for pick-up. I know we've got some VERY creative members who do crafts of all kinds...... so come and join us! Let's get together and have some relaxing fun and conversation! You'll forget about your pain! NOTE: Since there IS a limit of 8 people.... If you RSVP and then you find that you CAN'T go on that day.... PLEASE change your RSVP, so that someone else can go.

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An amazing group of people who share stories, support, ideas and laughs!

Come join us... you've got friends who understand what you're going through.

Our members consist of men and women, 20's-60's... some of us have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME), and some of us have lived with it for 10-20 years...

Our meetings consist of meeting others who are going through the same things,..... so we obtain validation, we share new ideas and suggestions, we have started many friendships, and we get ourselves OUT of the house.

Some of us have been on Disability for many years, some just a few years, some have just started the application process at DES and, of course, there are some of us who were denied access to their Social Security funds.

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To find a list of doctors... send an email to Diane Kennelly asking for the most recent list of recommended doctors. Our Doctors Committee is always updating this list......

This is a support group, so I ask that you please do not come to sell us products or services. If you would like to supply free samples or some printed material, I would be glad to display your information on a table along with articles and handouts.

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