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All About Jeeps! 
Why should you join East Valley Rockers? There are lots of Jeep groups on Meetup, what is different about this one? Why are there fees? I've listened to the good and bad about other groups and made this one special. 
WE ARE NOT A CLUB! Anyone is allowed to join, for free.
Most of my runs are Jeep specific, but some are OK for other off road vehicles (but please no full size trucks,SXS's or UTV's etc). Jeeps Only allow for greater streamlining of vehicle requirements for various runs and make it more likely that others can help if someone has a breakdown because of vehicle compatibility. It also allows for more consistent progress through the trail greatly reducing downtime.
WE DON"T EXPECT YOU TO BE A MECHANIC! Many members have expertise, and that is always welcomed, but we'd like you to ask ALL the questions and learn from me and others. We'll teach you the basics or move you up in your skills, and have a great time doing it!
WE OFFER SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Expert guides are contracted on some runs, such as geologist Mitch. These are a great opportunity to learn about the rich Sonoran desert. We have some runs that combine Jeeping with hiking and offer passenger opportunities where appropriate. We offer trail stickers for most every run to show off your catalogue of trails. Tshirts are coming too!
OUR RUNS ARE 'RIGHT-SIZED"! We'll never have a caravan of 50 Jeeps clogging up the trail (as cool as that looks to have them all lined up it's no fun in the middle or the back!) Fees discourage the 'joiners' who never show up and keep the waitlist down. If a run is popular a second opportunity may be added the next day or weekend. 
WE OFFER SAFETY AND PREPARATION! Your leader carries a satellite phone for emergencies and a full complement of navigation gear, tire repair & recovery gear, tools, and first aid. Every run has recommended and required equipment to keep you and your rig safe for the trail and the drive home. 
OUR FOCUS IS YOU! Making sure you have a great time is our goal, whatever your skill level.
OUR RUNS ARE KID FRIENDLY AND PET FRIENDLY! No that doesn't mean we will be minding our P's and Q's like we're in church but your children or dog are welcome to come along (cats too!). Remember that your children and pet are YOUR responsibility! I have zero parenting skills or experience...fair warning!
MEET HEAVY METAL by EAST VALLEY ROCKERS! Have exceptional skills and a monster trail machine? Our invite-only group HEAVY METAL offers Extreme runs to challenge the best-built rig. Members of this group pay annual dues and can attend all runs posted in the regular EVRockers without paying a per-Jeep fee (Except runs with expert guides or other fees).

CB Radio is required on all trail rides. Need one? Ask for suggestions or a loaner!
Messages can get lost here so please email Robert @ EVRockers.com or call/text 602.492.3224
Technical assistance is also available.
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Pricing for 2022 runs going forward will be:
$25/Jeep runs with expert guides (Geologist,Herpetologist,Wildlife etc)
$20 general trail rides with large groups (16+)
$15 medium group and/or runs w/class such as Recovery 101
$10 small group Extreme runs,
TBD- runs or events that fall outside the normal focus of this group, such as the Hot Desert Singles run.
Fees are to improve attendance and discourage the "joiners" who never show up; pay for expert guides; design and purchase shirts & stickers for members; defer the costs associated with Meetup and related expenses. Fees will be non-refundable outside of Meetup required refunds such as if an event is canceled. 

For 2022 included in your per run fee is $100 towards Arizona 4x4 Off-Road Recovery should his services be needed on a run you do with East Valley Rockers. This helps get you unstuck and/or back to a paved highway only where you can arrange normal towing services. Typically Carl's services start at $400 and go up so this benefit will soften the blow if necessary. Of course, my full complement of recovery gear will be utilized prior to calling in the cavalry!

Upcoming events (2)

Soldiers Pass, Sedona and hike May 28 2020(EASY)

Soldiers Pass Road


There are no more motorized permits available for Soldier's Pass as of today[masked] so I've closed this run to RSVP's. See you there!

We'll do the short but fun Soldiers Pass trail in Sedona this Spring, visiting the Devils Kitchen sinkhole, Seven Sacred Pools, and hike up to the caves at the end. Lots of picture opportunities for your Jeeps and family so bring your camera.

This is a regulated trail via permit only, and 12 permits (one per vehicle) are allowed per day. Permits are $6 per vehicle. YOU MUST APPLY INDIVIDUALLY as group commercial permits are not allowed. Again, you only need ONE permit per Jeep. Permits are available 90 days out, so February 27th, so mark your calendar a few days earlier to start checking. If we get sniped on permits date may move to Sunday (separate run posting) or another trail may be substituted.
The permits are $6 at Recreation.gov

This is a few months away but if there is a change in open status on Federal lands and/or Sedona due to Covid-19 this event may be canceled at any time and all fees refunded.

Before you apply for a permit please be absolutely sure you can go as they are non-transferable so if you don't show you are taking a spot for someone else. The fee for this run does not cover the permit cost because only individual permits are allowed.


Vehicle Requirements:
4 wheel drive, low and high range
off road tires, no street tires
working spare tire and lug wrench tools for your vehicle
portable air compressor or on board air
Hi lift jack
Recovery points front and rear

Driver requirements:
vehicle permit (see links)
plenty of water and food
sunscreen, sun hat






Nearby trails:

$100 towards AZ 4x4 Off-Road Recovery is included in your paid event fee.
All runs are child and pet friendly, your child or pet is your responsibility.

I will be staying at Junipine resort May 26-30 so other runs may be planned on those dates if you can't make this one.

Smasher Canyon (Hard/Extreme)(A Heavy Metal Event)

Cottonwood Shell


I've been wanting to try this trail for awhile now.


33" or larger tires All Terrain or preferably Mud Terrain tires, No street tires
Lifted, modified suspension.
portable or onboard air compressor.
Front and rear lockers required.
Rock sliders, skid plates, modified bumpers are highly recommended!
Working, full-size spare tire
CB radio*** Channel 4
Recovery gear: winch, tow straps, at least one D ring front and rear;
Hi-Lift jack
Plenty of water! Fuel and snacks enough for a full day or more.

$100 towards AZ 4x4 Off-Road Recovery is included in your paid event fee should their services be necessary.

All runs are Child and Pet friendly, your child or pet is YOUR responsibility!


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