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Our goal is to play some competitive beach volleyball and to have fun. You don't have to be a high-level player, but we do ask that you know the rules and can execute basic shots, including passing, setting, spiking, and serving. We play 4's.

A little info on the rules we observe:

- The ball must be tossed or released before hitting it on the serve. Only one toss or release is permitted. Catching or allowing the ball to drop to the ground once released is a fault.

- No open-hand passing of the serve.

- No open-hand passing of the first ball over unless it is hard-driven.

- No open-hand setting over the net, even if you can do it square and clean.

- The setter *always* gets the second touch unless they call for help.

- No lifts or throws, clean contact only.

- No tips with an open hand. Tips require a closed hand, knuckles, bent fingers (the "claw"), or closed extended fingers.

- No touching the net.

- Rally score to 21.

- 3 hits per side is the goal.

- To prevent arguments any credible disputed plays or calls will be automatic "do-overs."

This meetup is for players that already know how to play the game and the rules they are played by. We ask that you be a B level or above in skill level to keep the play consistent please. This also applies to any guests you may wish to bring. Here is a description of the levels to better help you understand what the different skill levels are:

Beginner (D level)-obvious there are no developed skills yet

Low-Intermediate (C Level)- Can pass and set the ball with some accuracy but inconsistently.

Intermediate (B level)- Can pass and set more consistently but still have some occasional shanks.

High Intermediate (BB Level) Can Pass and set consistently with fewer errors. Can Hit well with some control on direction. Can serve to a specific area on the court somewhat consistently.

Advanced (A level) Can Serve, Set, and pass very well and consistently. Can spike hard and control direction. Has the skill to make intelligent shots to get easier points consistently. Has the ability to jump serve with control of the direction

Elite (AA/AAA/Open) Has every skill mastered in volleyball and can play in an AVP qualifier or other Open tournaments


We make an effort be a group made up of participating members. If a member has not attended meetups for 3 months they may be removed from the group. New members who do not attend a meetup after 30 days may also be removed. Finally, any member who has a total of 3 No Shows will be removed.

Please respect other people with your RSVP. If you want or need to cancel, please do so as early as possible, and no later than an hour before a scheduled event. Cancellations within one hour of an event will be considered a No Show. Also, please be on time. We are making a commitment to play a group sport. It is okay to arrive late, but you must let the organizer know ahead of time. Please let them know as early as possible, and no later than an hour before the start of the scheduled event. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late and did not provide notice at least an hour before the event, it will be considered a No Show.

Thanks and game on!

***** Disclaimer *****

By attending The East Valley Volleyball MeetUps, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age. You understand that you are responsible for your own personal safety and that you are voluntarily participating in this MeetUp with full knowledge of the inherent risks, hazards and dangers involved and hereby assume and accept any and all risks of injury.

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