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If you're anything like me, it's been hard over the years to be consistent in musical growth. It's difficult to find buddies not only to play with, but have a good place to play.
I'd like to meet up at a rental music studio anywhere in Toronto. Everyone pays $10 to attend. *Sorry, I had to update this from $5, as that would have given only one hour of room time.
I hope everyone is cool with that change.*
If you have a unique instrument no problem, just come prepared to teach everyone one song that includes your instrument. Print off a couple copies of your song from an online source, and they'll have the chord changes and order of verses, chorus' etc.
If our attendees include more than two of any instrument we may have to rent an additional room. For that reason we'll keep a record of who is bringing which songs so that we can easily divide the members into sub-groups should the need arise. Also, if there are two or more of anything be prepared to either add harmonies, extra parts lead/rhythm or some kind of adaptation. If you have your own song the same concepts apply. Come able to teach it or print off copies. If it is your original it would probably be a good idea to be flexible with others' interpretations on how their instrument fits in without becoming angry. That's where we need to focus on the light/fun aspect.
The rental rooms come with a drum kit, bass and guitar amps, microphones and monitors. For $10 more they have additional equipment as needed such as a keyboard or bass or guitar if you forgot yours.
I would like to keep this more to the light/fun side. Let's help each other without harsh criticism. Let's keep the song as the main building block and that will help us stay away from long soloing or too much virtuosing.
I'll whip up a quick facebook page to have answers for questions about where we are practicing, song lists etc.
We should all be okay with things like slowing a chorus or verse right down or using a click track so that everyone can get each part of the song.
It's possible we could work jamming into the mix, perhaps once every x sessions.
My personal level is between beginner-intermediate on guitar. I would like to keep it loose enough to accommodate any level, but you should be able to bring one song to teach in its entirety to the group and have your part up to the speed of the original song. Just an FYI, I'm not doing this for profit, so it's your money directly renting the room. If somehow there was extra people to a room then you could exchange a couple dollars amongst yourselves to even everyone out.

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Cherry Beach Rehearsal Studio

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