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ORGANIZER'S PICK: The Repatriation of Henry Chin by Isaac Ho (Audiobook)
MEETING INFORMATION Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 Location: Berkeley Meeting Facilitated by: Anthony BOOK INFORMATION Title: The Repatriation of Henry Chin by Isaac Ho (Audiobook Version) Genre: Fiction – Thriller Year of Publication: Book originally published in 2011, audiobook released in 2018 Approximate Page Count: 7 hours 40 minutes (audio recording of 206 pages) Summary: This thriller story touches on the political issues of our time, including racism and immigration. Conflict with China forces the President of the United States to sign an executive order rounding up Chinese-Americans into detention camps. But one man refuses to comply with this policy: pharmacist Henry Chin. Together with his mixed-race daughter, Henry pulls off a daring escape from authorities. But their journey to flee the country will be a dangerous one, especially with a racist ICE agent who will stop at nothing to catch these fugitives. Book Suggested by: Anthony IMPORTANT NOTE FROM ORGANIZER This meeting is a special type of book discussion meeting where we will discuss an audiobook rather than a print book. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact the Organizer so that he can provide you with a free copy of the audiobook from (If you still prefer to purchase it yourself, that’s fine. But why pass up on this offer?) Although you are not required to pay a monthly membership with Audible, you still must have a user account with Amazon, which owns Audible, in order to receive the audiobook. However, if for whatever reason, you strongly prefer not to listen to the audiobook but are still interested in the story and willing to read the print or ebook version (which you'll likely have to purchase yourself), you are still welcome to attend. Please note that portions of the discussion will pertain specifically to experiencing a book in audiobook format. MEETING FORMAT Because this book is an Organizer's Pick, Anthony will present biographical information about the author and facts of interest about the book, then lead the discussion with questions. REMINDER ABOUT MEMBERSHIP FEE The East Bay Book Club charges a $5 membership fee that is good for one year. The fee, which is paid by cash or check, is due any time before the second meeting you attend after joining the club or after your previous membership expired. As the Organizer or Co-Organizer does roll call, he/she will check your membership status and let you know if and when a fee is due. A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR The East Bay Book Club is sponsored by Instaread ( Get access to key insights from 600+ bestselling nonfiction books that you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. Use coupon code EASTBAYBOOKCLUB25 to get 25% off your annual subscription or EASTBAYMONTHLY25 to get 25% off your monthly subscription.

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The East Bay Book Club is a very dynamic group of individuals who share one thing in common: an enthusiasm for books. Each month, members read a particular book, chosen by the whole group or by the Organizer, and meet to share observations, insights, and personal thoughts about it. Meetings are devoted to various genres, both contemporary and classic.

The club's members represent a variety of backgrounds and literary tastes, bringing wonderful diversity to each book discussion. The East Bay Book Club thrives on both the celebration of literature and the comraderie of its readers. More importantly, the club values the ideas of its members, allowing everyone a chance to suggest books and other ideas for making this club a lively group to participate in.

Since its inception in June 2007, the East Bay Book Club has inspired new and ongoing interest in reading. The club reads everything from historical fiction and literary works to thrillers and nonfiction. Thanks to its members, the club continues to be an engaging book interest group, discussion forum, and social club all rolled into one. The mission of the East Bay Book Club is simple: provide an opportunity to explore the excitement of literature, one of humankind's oldest forms of leisure, and to meet like-minded people along the way.

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All book discussion meetings for a single club year (September through June) are announced before the start of the year. Please refer to the complete list of current and upcoming meetups to know the books and dates for each meeting. You are encouraged to plan in advance your readings of books that interest you, instead of waiting for email announcements of each meeting.

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