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ORGANIZER'S PICK: The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin
MEETING INFORMATION Date: June 20, 2018 Location: Berkeley Meeting Facilitated by: Anthony BOOK INFORMATION Title: The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin Genre: Nonfiction – Science Year of Publication: 1859 Approximate Page Count: 400 Summary: Charles Darwin was the English naturalist whose voyage on the HMS Beagle for biological research led him to develop the theory of evolution. Originally titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, this book explains the concept of natural selection and other key elements providing the foundation for his theory, as well address other related topics like geographical distribution. One of the few revolutionary works of science that is engrossingly readable, The Origin of Species not only launched the science of modern biology, but has also influenced literary, philosophical, and religious thinkers since. Book Suggested by: Anthony MEETING FORMAT Because this book is an Organizer's Pick, Anthony will present biographical information about the author and facts of interest about the book, then lead the discussion with questions. REMINDER ABOUT MEMBERSHIP FEE The East Bay Book Club charges a $5 membership fee that is good for one year. The fee, which is paid by cash or check, is due any time before the second meeting you attend after joining the club or after your previous membership expired. As the Organizer or Co-Organizer does roll call, he/she will check your membership status and let you know if and when a fee is due. A MESSAGE FROM OUR SPONSOR The East Bay Book Club is sponsored by Instaread ( Get access to key insights from 600+ bestselling nonfiction books that you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. Use coupon code EASTBAYBOOKCLUB25 to get 25% off your annual subscription or EASTBAYMONTHLY25 to get 25% off your monthly subscription.

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