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East Bay/South Bay Goals, Accountability and Support Meetup

What the 'Goals Cubed’ Program is About

This meetup’s focus is to provide a place for a small group of people (Limited to 12) interested in achieving goals, being supported in achieving those goals, and being held accountable on a week-to-week basis.

‘Goals Cubed’ Program Description

1) Each participant will select 3 “primary goals” (Suggested: 1 Mind, 1 Body, 1 Spirit/Soul) to enhance overall wellness.

2) Each participant will identify/select 3 sub-goals in support of each primary goal (That is, each primary goal will be supported by 3 sub-goals).

3) Each participant will select 3 daily/weekly activities in support of their primary and sub-goals.

Along the way, participants will be exposed to success dynamics, including a) setting and achieving personal goals, b) developing positive habits, c) encouragement and support, and 4) helping others with their goals and habits through mutual accountability.

While there is latitude in pursuing your goals in your own way, the program will offer a structure based on accountability, education, encouragement and support, and celebration of achievements. I will guide the group in maintaining a safe, confidential, supportive, motivating, and fun environment.


Requirements include a serious commitment to achieving your stated goals, to attending on a consistent basis, and to utilizing the tools provided. In addition, participants will be expected to speak about their goals, including weekly achievements and setbacks. Finally, participants must be committed to supporting other group participants by serving as a “Goals Buddy”.

What is a successful, fulfilling life worth to you? Don't worry, I am not selling anything, however, there is a $10/week fee to offset the cost of materials, site fees, etc., as well as to weed out the less serious. Remember, you are investing in a process, in solutions, in value, and in yourself. With some exceptions (e.g., holidays and group agreements), participants will meet for 1-2 hours once-a-week throughout 2019. Generally, we will be alternating between Fremont, Milpitas, Newark and other local libraries, Saturdays, 10am-12pm (Other sites/times can be considered).


If you are looking to achieve some goals this year, to participate in a supportive group of like-minded people (goal achievers), to be held accountable, and to share your own creative ideas, then the ‘Goals Cubed’ program just might be for you. As soon as a minimum of 6 people have signed up, we will launch the program. Hope to see you there!

Arthur Powers
Goals and Accountability Coach


I am a trained life coach (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching or iPEC) specializing in goal achievement, success principles, and accountability dynamics. I am not a psychologist, therapist, guru, or savior. I am just like you - a person trying to achieve personal goals and wanting to build a support network of like-minded people.

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