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Every month the East Bay WordPress Meetup brings together both newbies and experts to talk about everything WordPress. This meetup is mainly for people who build WordPress sites for a living, though we welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about how to use WordPress.

If there's something you want to learn more about or you are interested in speaking, contact the organizers (https://www.meetup.com/Eastbay-WordPress-Meetup/members/?op=leaders).

See our East Bay WP Meetup website (https://www.eastbaywp.com) for slides and notes from past presentations.

Meeting Format

• Introductions

• Pizza

• Open Q & A

• Main Presentation

Not quite the right meetup for you? If you're looking for hands-on help with WordPress, try the weekly WordPress Support Groups (https://www.meetup.com/Weekly-WordPress-Support-Group/) at Tech Liminal. If your main interest is in becoming a successful blogger, try the San Francisco Blog Club (https://www.meetup.com/San-Francisco-Blog-Club/).

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How to Avoid Bad Clients with a Services & Pricing Guide

Want to know the easiest way to avoid a bad client? Just send over a copy of your Services & Pricing Guide!

How many times have you hopped on a discovery call just to find out the potential client isn't a good fit? And what about all the times you have to come up with a price on a whim when someone reaches out via DM or email?

If any of those questions resonated with you then it's time you get a Services & Pricing Guide. Not only will it make a good first impression, but it will also help you to:

* Save time
* Weed out bad clients
* Be consistent with pricing
* Set expectations before taking on a new client

Learn what a Services & Pricing Guide can do for you as a WordPress professional and how to put one together.

Karmen Kendrick is a web design and support specialist helping online communities build + maintain their WordPress membership sites. Her journey into the creative world and entrepreneurship started in 2012 after launching an online store.

Four years later, Karmen decided to close down her successful online shop to wholeheartedly pursue what is now The Support Concierge. When she’s not working with clients, you can find her sipping mimosas at Sunday brunch or curled up with a good business book.

You can learn more and work with Karmen by visiting her website at https://thesupportconcierge.co

She can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Facebook: @iamkarmenk
LinkedIn: @iamkarmenk
Twitter: @iamkarmenk
Pinterest: @iamkarmenk

HTML and CSS for WordPress
Needs a date and time

Tech Liminal 3.0

Ted Curran has a slide deck ready on this topic and has volunteered to adapt it for WordPress.

Designing Gorgeous Responsive Layouts for WordPress
Needs a date and time

Tech Liminal 3.0

We may not be able to discuss both DESIGNING and BUILDING layouts in the same meetup.

I'd like to focus this one on what you need to consider when designing a responsive WordPress site: both design principles that apply to any responsive site, and how to incorporate the different elements of a WordPress site.

Here are some points I'd like us to cover:

• What designers need to know about WordPress before quoting a WordPress project

• Why mobile-first design will make your life easier

• Card-based layouts and atomic design principles

• Device (or layout)-specific content

• Navigation

• Hero images, background videos, and other design trends

I definitely have my own opinions on this, but would love some input from those of you who are real designers. If you're interested in contributing, either email me or comment below.

Building an Online Newsroom with WordPress
Needs a date and time

Tech Liminal 3.0

Many companies and individuals (speakers and authors, for instance) would benefit from an online newsroom. Studies have shown that most online newsrooms are TERRIBLE. We'll cover elements of a good newsroom and how to use WordPress to create one.

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