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The typical writers' group: meet at a library, read your work to a bunch of stodgy old " writers" who will critique your words and determine with procrustean finality if they are "literature".

Bored yet? Good, because this group is not about that. Here we shall go far beyond the typical critique-and-crumpets writing circle.

I am Tyler M Mathis, author and professional ghostwriter--a title I wear with pride--and I am looking to meet my fellow fiction writers in eastern Pennsylvania. This is not a writing group of tweed jackets and terminal academics--this is for the writers, whether your words pay the bills or you're just doing a few hundred words a day. I want to talk writing, because I live it damn near every day.

You will notice I said, "talk writing", for this is a social group, not another goddamn critique circle. I'd rather talk marketing, self-publishing, submissions, industry contacts...the things that matter to actual WRITERS!

And you'll notice I said TALK--sit your ass down and calm down; have a coffee or a beer. We aren't meeting in a library. You think Sloppy Joe Hemingway hung with his fellow writers in a library lol? We are writers, not children, and we shall speak of our works and talk of such as peers.

If I can get at least five like-minded souls together in Lehigh Valley, Bucks/Montco/Poconos, Western NJ then we shall have a party, location TBD. All I need is you. Join in--let's talk, meet, realize and share our collective knowledge...and crush this profession and passion while we're at it!

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Meeting at Panera Bread in Easton.

Panera Bread

Meeting at Easton Panera

Panera Bread

Meeting at Panera in Easton

Panera Bread

Introductory meeting

Riverside Coffee & Tea