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Are you starting to doubt your self worth? Maybe even your sanity? Have you given all you have to give, yet is still isn't enough? Have you tried to "fix" yourself in a frantic effort to save your relationship or marriage? Do you feel emotionally and spiritually drained and exhausted from being constantly beaten down by an emotionally and psychologically (maybe even physically) abusive partner? Chances are you are not the problem. He or she may be a narcissist. They can be male or female and come in a lot of different flavors, but they are all about control and manipulation. A couple of Google searches may quickly enlighten you if you are not sure. Do a little research and if you determine (or even suspect) that this may be what you are dealing with, please consider joining this group. This is my first time on Meetup and I do not consider myself a leader, but I do feel led to try and organize a support network for myself and others who have been though or are going through the hell of a narcissist relationship. I do believe there is power and enlightenment in sharing experiences with others who have been through (or are currently going through) similar circumstances. I am not a psychologist, nor do I have any formal training in personality disorders so don't expect too much, but I have acquired a lot of insight through the internet and my own experiences. I am just an average guy who is trying to come to terms with what I have dealt with and help other people do the same. Please consider joining this group if you are in the same boat. No narcs please!

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