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This group is focused on the physical act verbal storytelling - specifically the techniques, style and components of being an entertaining storyteller. Members will tell - not read - true stories (5 minutes), based on the theme for that Meetup. Other members may give helpful affirmations and kind observations for improvement. The goal of the meetup is for members to learn the elements of good storytelling, and to create a network of competent storytellers on the Eastern Shore.

Beginning storytellers with no experience are welcome!

This group will loosely follow the Moth principles of good storytelling (http://bit.ly/2kdKbo8). We will encourage members to:

• have a beginning, middle and end to their stories

• have an element of change - main character undergoes some kind of change

• have a purpose .. why did this story matter to you?

• be yourself when telling a story - not a character - this isn't a performance.

AFFIRMING ENVIRONMENT - Members listening to stories will be encouraging and supportive providing a safe and affirming environment for storytellers. This is NOT a critique group, but a group that will offer affirmation to the storyteller's best elements of contribution.

FIRST TIMERS - First timers are welcome to share a story of simply sit and listen until they get acclimated to the group.

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