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Hi Folks, Welcome to a Spiritual discussions group. A chance to share our thoughts, to hear and appreciate those of others, AND a chance to connect with like-minded souls. Although situated in the Lake Macquarie Eastlake’s area (Swansea Heads), equally welcome are those from the Westlake’s area, Newcastle, C/Coast, other places, planets, spiritual dimensions (?)

Our sharings will be centred around the broader and more embracing concepts of Spirituality, as well as Ethical, Moral or Social issues as impacted by an awakening awareness of our inter-relatedness and higher purpose. There will be a specific and different discussion subject (& you are welcome to contribute ideas) for each get together and we will try to stay focused around that, though discussions can at times wander off a bit.. and that can be ok too. Some related subjects included in discussions are mindfulness, Presence, & acceptance, the underlying reality of love, ascension, ego & emotions, various authors/guides, other or alien civilizations, levels of consciousness, relating to the sacred while in 3D reality, religions, other dimensions, etc ..so much to share on this journey of awakening.

Monthly meetings will likely be on the 1st Wed of the month from 10am, aiming to finish between 11:30 and 12. An additional monthly meet-up on another day or time is a likely future option also.

What to bring... A gold-coin donation towards the Meetup-website costs please, finger-food to share (teas & coffee provided), your sense of humour and a smile. If you have any special quotes or paragraphs or other material relevant to our topic feel free to bring them along to share with the group.

There is room for a maximum of about 10 to 12 people only, so if you tick to attend then please do try to be there. Plenty of parking is available, but on the opposite side of the road adjacent to the Nature Reserve.

We honour the fact that everyone is a unique expression of the Oneness with their own and equally valid interpretations of reality, thoughts and beliefs resulting from their own journey.

MEETING GUIDELINES: Confidentiality is expected from everyone regarding anything that is shared here.

As far as our drinks and nibblies, it’s just a casual help-yourself situation, Perhaps get a tea or coffee at the beginning, otherwise just wander out during our discussions if you want to get a hot drink, also, we help ourselves to any nibblies on the table at any time, & likewise wandering off to the bathroom as needed, just make yourself at home.

I do ask for everyone’s help please in keeping the group on-track with the subject if possible, and, giving everyone the space to speak and share their ideas. Also we'll try and keep the conversation happening between everyone here rather than a few conversations all happening at the same time. On a different matter, if anyone has something special to share, or maybe mention of some interesting coming event then that’s always appreciated. Finally, there's no rush to leave here so we can catch up a bit afterwards with anyone either here or out on the verandah.

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