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Eastside Games with Friends Weekly Meetup

Hosted by Jennifer H.
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Welcome to our weekly playgroup!

We are a fun group of people who enjoy getting together to act foolish, make jokes, talk trash, laugh, and play games. Because of the spontaneous nature of our group, we usually show up not knowing what we're going to play. Some days we end up playing just "our faves". The truth is that we'll play any game if someone brings it and convinces us we want to learn how to play it. It's not about what types of games we play, it's that we play games.

We have games starting at various times until 8 with people arriving at various intervals as well. (We are usually able to stay until 9:30 to finish games.) There really isn't any reason that you can't get into a game no matter when you arrive.

Bonus Round at Denny's!

"Party on" til the "wee hours" of the morning! We have the back room from 8:30pm-ish, but really 9pm. We've been promised our own server - and she's "like totally awesome!" - we love her! (until we're settled, thanks to Manager Dave)

Click here ( to see a list of all the games we've played.


  • Jennifer H.

    WOW! I'm truly impressed that we were able to beat ANY BOGA anything - really! :O

    3 years ago
  • Patrick

    The results are in! Nearly all of the stars aligned and we did indeed reach the "double nickel"; 55 people showed up last night at the Eastside Gamers. We had at least four tables that wound up "out of bounds". This attendance was ten clear of the old Eastside Gamers record set last week and on October 8, 2013, and five clear of the old Cleveland Board Gamers record set at the Medina Library on April 6, 2013.

    Other stats... Not Dave was #42 (Jenn makes SURE I keep track of that!), Sidney tied the Eastside Gamers record, Chris beat that record, Ryan tied the Cleveland Board Gamers record (he also was the first "#42" back at the 200th meetup on July 2, 2013...), and Lindsey was the person to beat the record.

    It's amazing that an event can bring so many people together on a work and school night. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations to Jenn and all the people who make this work!

    3 years ago
  • Jennifer H.

    I am truly inspired by the number of people who came out to play this evening. THAAAAAANQUEUEUE!!!! We were such a large group that we sprawled into two other areas! I had a great time with everyone. It truly gives me a great amount of pleasure to know that this is a time and place that everyone enjoys. It really is about hanging out and having a good time.

    3 years ago