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Friday Interactive Co-Working Time
Hey everybody, I'm going to be working at Soulfood Coffeehouse on Friday between noon and 2.30pm - if you're around and want to co-work for a couple of hours, join me! (this is my trial run - planning on making future events longer so people can come and go, and I'll rotate venues so we can get a good feel for what works best).

Soulfood Coffeehouse

15748 Redmond Way · Redmond, WA


    What we're about

    One of the exciting things about running your own business or freelancing is the freedom to work where and when you decide. It's refreshing to be able to wear yoga pants and not have to brush your hair when you're on a deadline.

    But sometimes it can be isolating, especially if you're working on something conceptual, creative, or if you're planning out your next month/quarter/year - when all your interactions are either with your pets or via phone/video conference, you don't get to bounce ideas or get input on your thoughts real time. Working from coffee shops or in co-working spaces can help a little with the physical isolation, but have you noticed you're still in a bubble? Have you ever leaned over to the person with their head buried in their laptop next to you at your local coffee shop or co-working space and asked, "hey, what do you think about this idea?" Cue awkward silence, maybe a dirty look, and a cursory, "it's fine, I guess..."

    So I'd love to invite my fellow freelancers, solopreneurs, and contractors sick of camping out in a corporate café to join me once a week at a local coffee shop for a few hours of working individually but together. The idea is to be able to chat, to collaborate, or just to feel some team-like energy as you race towards that next milestone - and we get to support some local businesses while we're at it. Are you in?

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