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Odd Atom, Child's Play Charity, Pocket Sized Hands & Snacks from Pole to Win Int

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Kirk K. and Drew S.


Eastside VR Meetup with guest speakers Aaron Penn of Odd Atom and guest speaker from Child' Play Charity. We will also host special guests from Scotland demoing Honeypot Espionage! Plus snacks sponsored by Pole To Win International.

This event is going to be streamed on Facebook Live video & recorded, at


• 6:00-6:50 - Event opens with Socializing, Networking, VR Demos

• 6:50-7:00 - Community Announcements: VR Workers and VR Work available

• 7:00-7:45 - Three speakers!

• - Aaron Penn of Odd Atom ( "The Atoms of Mixed Reality"

• - Steve Mcclure ( - "Free Space"

• - Erick Blandin of Child's Play Charity (

• 7:45-8:45 - Socializing, Networking, VR Demo - Honeypot Espionage

• 9:00 - Event ends

Snacks provided by Pole To Win - International

Pole to Win International - Pole To Win is one of the front running service providers supporting many large and small game developers and publishers with quality VR QA testing, 360 degree audio voice over, CS, Community Management and localization services. Adam Vance from Pole To Win will attend the event tonight to provide the snacks and can be reached at in case of any questions. PTW will be giving a talk on the challenges of VR Quality Assurance at ESVR in the future. Their white paper on “How VR Has Changed the Games Testing Environment” can be found here: .

Speaker Details

Aaron Penn of Odd Atom -

Twitter: @odd_atom ( & Facebook:

Erick Blandin of Child's Play Charity -

Demo Details

Honeypot Espionage @PKTSizedHands ( is an online VR multiplayer shooter, focused on stealth combat, in which you are put against other Spies in a combat arena. The last man standing wins. As a Spy, you are completely invisible, but you will begin to materialize if you move, fire a weapon or set a trap. If you don’t want killed, stay still. Think Predator meets SuperHot. The slower you move in real life the harder you are to see. You can set traps and decoys to trick other players into revealing their location to try to come out on top.

Multiple game modes allow you to fight the way you want. Team up with others to break into the High Security Government buildings to steal classified documents. Guard the VIP and keep them hidden from potential assassins. Classic Death match where you use your abilities to search out others to get the first and last kills. Stay hidden, only move to Kill.

The Socials

Eastside VR Hashtag: #EsideVR

Follow us on Twitter @esidevr (!

Join the Eastside VR Facebook group (! We try to stream presentations via Facebook live, so if you're not able to attend, check here to catch the stream!


Street parking can be challenging - there is paid parking nearby that is cheaper, and under the building which can be costly. The Eastside VR Meetup is located just a few blocks away from the
Bellevue Transit Center (, which serves 20 bus routes!

The building doors lock after 5pm. But you can still enter on the north facing door to Tangerine Thai Cuisine and walk up to the lobby.

Are you interested in sponsoring, speaking, or demoing at Eastside VR Meetup?
Please email to learn more about speaking and partnership opportunities.
Expedia Headquarters
333 108th Ave NE · Bellevue, WA
How to find us

The Expedia building ground floor conference room. Entrance to Tangerine Thai Cuisine on north facing door should be unlocked after 5pm.

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