What we're about

We are a group of women and men who like to walk and talk. We have different walking speeds, different interests, different life experiences, but we all appreciate a good walk, or an occasional hike, with good conversation thrown in. We are a friendly, welcoming group, that always enjoys new members.

We meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month, and our walks begin promptly at 10:30 am. Arrive at 10:35 am and you'll be scurrying to catch up. We walk at a variety of paces on our walks, but generally you should be fit enough to walk at least 4.5 miles in 90 minutes; finishing right around noon. Often we go out to lunch after the walk, but this is completely optional, and there is no pressure to attend. Because we love to be out and about, we occasionally slip in an additional walk or hike. These walks may not begin at 10:30, so be sure to check the time. If you have a suggestion for a walk, be sure to let us know. We love new experiences.

Our annual membership fee is $5.00, which is payable in cash to either Bob, Karen, Kay, Lucy, Monique, or Tom. This fee goes to pay the annual Meetup fee of $197.86 per year. ALL money collected will be paid to Meetup to keep this website running. If you are considering joining our group, come for a walk and then decide if you would like to join. We ask that your membership fee be paid by your third walk.

We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming events (2)

Bridle Trails: Portions of Coyote, Trillium and Raven Trails

Bridal Trails State Park

Lets celebrate fall (and breathable air) in lush green Bridle Trails State Park in Kirkland. There are three main trails: Coyote, Trillium and Raven. In this walk we will connect portions of all three for a total of about 3.5 miles. (This measurement is not exact.) The portions we walk will be flat except for a steep hill about 1/4 mile from the start. Because this is an equestrian park occasionally there may be a rider and horse. Please step to the side and don't spook the horse. If you bring a dog to the walk, be sure he/she is trained well enough to not bark. Oh, and watch out for horsey "calling cards." Please follow COVID 19 protocol: wear face masks; walk in small groups; and keep a "social distance" apart. We will meet at the west entrance off 116th Ave NE, at NE 53rd Street. This is a state park, requiring a pass. For those without one, you can park outside along 116th Avenue. NOTE: Gather around the metal gate at the entrance, not our usual starting point that is across the gravel parking lot. There are great facilities available a short distance from the parking lot. For more information about this park: http://www.bridletrails.org/about_the_park/trail_map.html

Kirkland Water View Parks

Marina Park Pavillion

We will first walk north from Marina Park and pass through two other parks: Heritage and Juanita Bay as far as the boardwalk. Then we turn back south and pass through Juanita Bay Park again and down to Waverley Beach Park. Finally, we pass a tiny park actually called "Mini Park". Don't blink or you'll miss it. ;) This scenic walk is mostly flat with one steep but very short hill, and two long-ish but not-too-steep hills. Round trip distance is about 4 miles. All of the walk is on pavement. There is lots of free street parking around Heritage Park and Market Street. (See the map.) If you don't want to bother looking for a spot, there is free public parking under the Kirkland library which is about 4 blocks east of our starting point. Per COVID 19 safety protocol please wear a mask and stay at least 5' apart.

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