What we're about

We are a group of women and men who like to walk and talk. We have different walking speeds, different interests, different life experiences, but we all appreciate a good walk, or an occasional hike, with good conversation thrown in. We are a friendly, welcoming group, that always enjoys new members.

We meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month, and our walks begin promptly at 10:30 am. Arrive at 10:35 am and you'll be scurrying to catch up. We walk at a variety of paces on our walks, but generally you should be fit enough to walk at least 4.5 miles in 90 minutes; finishing right around noon. Often we go out to lunch after the walk, but this is completely optional, and there is no pressure to attend. Because we love to be out and about, we occasionally slip in an additional walk or hike. These walks may not begin at 10:30, so be sure to check the time. If you have a suggestion for a walk, be sure to let us know. We love new experiences.

Our annual membership fee is $5.00, which is payable in cash to either Bob, Karen, Kay, Lucy, Monique, or Tom. This fee goes to pay the annual Meetup fee of $180.00 per year. ALL money collected will be paid to Meetup to keep this website running. If you are considering joining our group, come for a walk and then decide if you would like to join. We ask that your membership fee be paid by your third walk.

We look forward to meeting you!

Upcoming events (2)

Walk the Tolt Pipeline from Avondale Road, Cottage Lake Area

tolt Pipeline, woodinville wa

This walk will take us westward on the pipeline. The scenery is pastoral and serene, and the path is well maintained. The trail has a lot of rolling hills, but since we will be turning around and walking the same route back, everyone can go at their own pace. When going north on Avondale Road, the pipeline is at the stop light, right after passing NE 149th Street. There is parking on either side of Avondale and both sides will work. The pipeline is about 2 miles north of the PCC Store.

Bothell Landing - Sammamish River Trail

The Park at Bothell Landing

We'll meet by the bathrooms in the Park at Bothell Landing, per the map and hop on the beautiful Sammamish River trail. This is a scenic level walk that meanders along the river, through wooded and open areas. We will walk for approximately 90 minutes and those who wish can join for lunch at Penn Thai or Alexa's.

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