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Weekdays are not my favorite, but we've found a way to make them better. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) night at Label 7 (http://www.labelseven.com/) can be a loads of fun. Yes, I know it's in Pittsford but don't let that stop you, you needn't drive a BMW or be named Skip,Chad or Buffy to attend. The goal of this 'meet up' is to try new wine and meet interesting people. Single, married, young or old, it matters not. We will shoot for some fun WINE themed meetups on the Eastside. Label 7 has a great new bar and a nice atmosphere. We can always discuss alternative locations and themes while at the meetups. Bring a great wine, have some great food, and enjoy great conversation. Label 7 is nice as it doesn't get too loud and we have had great results there, thus far. We look forward to seeing you at the next Eastside BYOB meetup.

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The last hurrah? Final Four: Cab,Pinot, Chardonnay, Ries

A final meetup as myself being organizer. The big 4 square off as we either have people step up to keep this group going or say goodbye to a wonderful run. It could/should be loads of fun and hopefully not a tearful goodbye but an evolution of the Eastside Wine BYOB group. This month will be my last as head of this group. I just can’t do Winters here much more. It’s off to backpacking the islands, Central America and South America after the holidays through St. Pats day. I really want another to step up. I’m willing to help out creativity and financially but I’ve had some health set backs along with a busy Summer. Please contact me if you are interested as this has been a great group going on 2.5 years. Thanks for your support. -Dave Draper

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