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Welcome vocalists, world-music, jazz, gospel, opera, indian, pop, rock, blues, classical, and broadway singers. Sing, scat, beatbox, hum, clap, and snap. We're a safe place welcoming to anyone! Bring voice, passion, and new ideas.


Singing is very healthy, VOXUS - 23 mins

• Encourage play in music. Embrace Uncertainty.

• Empathy - big ears.

• Embody Patterns - follow conventions.

"How Signing Together Changes the Brain"


"Exploring Imitation and Dissonance"


"Scat call and response"



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Circle Singing - Vocal Improv

Center For Creative Living

Beatbox in Cuesta Park

Cuesta Park, Mountain View, CA

Hang out & Create music

Sitting room at house I live at

Karaoke 101 @ Rehearsal Studio

Reed's Recordings

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