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We're a group of women looking to make new friends in casual, social environments.

This is a large group with a small group feel. We have some events that are open to as many people who want to come and we also have some events with limited attendance. We set the event for what is a good match for the situation, which is determined by the event organizer. We'd of course love for those limited events to be thought of as "the more the merrier", but that isn't always easy for the group to be able to connect if we have as many people in attendance. So, for the events with limited attendance... it's a first come/first serve (whoever RSVP's first), usually with a waiting list.

Our planned activities will include brunch, lunch, and evening gatherings any day of the week. Popular activities will include socializing, movies, local dining, Happy Hours (that double as a meal instead of a snack), bbq’s, potlucks, parties, game & movie nights, shopping, trivia nights, outings (festivals, expo’s, etc…), Saturday Market, farmer’s market, day trips to the beach or mountain, small hikes, and so much more. The sky is the limit and we are open to suggestions from group members.

Our events will mostly occur in Portland. Some exceptions will be made for Mt. Hood, the Coast, Hood River, Vancouver, Clackamas, the West side, etc... You are welcome to join our group if you live in Oregon or SW Washington.

We get asked often what age range of people usually attend the activities. The people who show up to the group are about 45-75. Our group is getting big, so at this time we are going to be accepting ages 45+ those who are were already in the group prior to this rule change on 9/1/16 that are group participants will be grandfathered into the group and can stay. There are some exceptions made for people who are between the ages of 40-45, but with the understanding that participation is strongly encouraged.

All people who identify as female are welcome. There is one man in this group, David Brown (my husband). He takes our group on some hikes and walks.

Sometimes we have activities that our guys can come along with us and our children too. Those activities are usually marked in the subject header *F/F which means Friends/Family. The age range for each activity is posted in the description of the event and varies with each activity. If there are spots available for an activity and you are wondering if you can bring loved ones to the activity, just send the event host/organizer a private message and ask if that will work for that particular activity. There is almost always space for "Plus One's". Plus ones are females over 18 you want to bring with you to the activity (males can come to some of the activities--check event posting for details or inquire).

We understand when you can't show up to an activity. Occasionally even the organizers have also had to change our plans due to the fact that life happens. We totally understand. Although, communication about this is greatly appreciated. *updated info for the group: If you can't attend something-please update your RSVP to an UnRSVP as far in advance as possible (48-72 hours notice is customary) unless something big comes up but please keep that as a rare occurrence. This gives someone else a chance to get that particular spot at an activity (a lot of our events have changed to limited attendance).

*updated info for the group: If you have a habit of being a "no-show", or not communicating about these things or you even cancel often... it is likely that the group owner of this group will give preference with spots on the waitlist to: People who don't cancel as much, are better about readily updating their RSVP's, and members who communicate/update better.

*updated info for the group: If you aren't sure you are going to be able to attend or not, it's better not to sign up to until the last minute or maybe it's better to catch us at the next event that you know you can attend. And if you're unsure you can attend or have a history of not being able to make it to events because of this or that, it is also appreciated if you avoid "limited attendance" events that when the activity fills up, there will be a wait list. If this applies to you and you see an event you really want to attend and know you can make it to... private message me and I can let you know how likely it will be that a spot will open up.

**Starting January 1, 2018 attendance of a minimum of a few times a year will be strongly encouraged in order to maintain membership n the group due to the wait list for people to join. No-Shows & unRSVP's that are 24 hours or less will be more of a factor with memberships.**

The group owner reserves the right to remove members at their discretion, for any reason. If you are exceptionally obnoxious, you're probably not a good match for our group. Drama-Free clause: Life is already complicated enough. If you wish to bring drama to a group, please move on to an acting class. : ) Our group is committed to providing a fun, casual and open environment to its members. When you attend events, please help us cultivate an accepting environment of all walks of life.


Solicitation, advertising, and sponsorships: We sometimes will entertain the idea of having someone who has a special skill, class, service, business, etc... to share with the group which of course will lead to them having more customers in the future. If you have a product or service you would like to share with the group, contact the organizers for consideration for skill-share for September. Please do not try to use this group and it's members as a way to boost your ventures. The main purpose for being in the group is friendship rather than potential business opportunities.

We love suggestions for activities or want to be an event host or an event organizer. Please email Angela Brown eatpraysnorkel@gmail.com and I can walk you through what we're looking for in an event host and we'll figure out if it's a good fit for you. We're also open to you letting us know if you want to go do something and want to drag the group along with you. : ) (examples: "Hey, I'm going to this [lecture, concert, festival, etc...] and would like some company; anyone want to meet me there?")

Looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you : ) Let's Eat, Play, Live!

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