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Nutritarian Potluck and Resource Sharing
Please bring a nutritarian dish or salad to share with at least 8 members. Also, you could bring containers to take home etras at the end of the evening. We will share resouces, recipes and other info as we support each other in choosing high nutrient dense eating.

Whole Foods Market

7511 Leesburg Pike # F · Falls Church

What we're about

***An Awesome Opportunity for Participation in a Nutritarian Women’s Health Study! (***

***Dr. Fuhrman's latest book, The End of Heart Disease (, (be sure to check the Editorial Reviews), is now available. Caryn Hartglass (Responsible Eating and Living) interviews Dr. Fuhrman about his new book (***

***New--The Nutritarian Cooking Show (, with great cooking videos and links to Dr. Fuhrman's talks***

Sometimes you need like minded folks to help you go further in your path to health. This group supports one another in achieving that by means of following a nutritarian diet. Long time followers of this way of eating are available to share their successes and reversal of disease. What is a nutritarian diet? It is one that focuses on nutrient density of foods. Another way to put it is Health = Nutrients/Calorie. By greatly increasing the nutrients in your diet, you can lose weight while gaining energy. This health equation is based on the work of Dr. Fuhrman whose book, Eat to Live, explains it all. Other groups that may be interested include raw foodists, vegans and vegetarians, calorie restriction groups, followers of Dr. Ornish, Dr. Esselstyn, and others who want a more nutritional approach to medicine. Please note that this group includes vegans and vegetarians, but many nutritarians eat meat occasionally. This group is about eating healthfully which for us means getting the most nutrition out of our food. We do this by eating a variety of vegetables (especially greens), fruits, and beans with some nuts and seeds. See for more information on this way of eating.

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