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Joios ( is an eating and drinking community, open to anyone who wants to share fun tasting experiences and help build a better system for finding great new flavors.

We created Joios ( to harness the power of the crowd to sort through abundant food and drink options. Community drives our filtering process. By empowering people to taste great arrays and record scores in a database, we develop a pool of unbiased scores. A typical tasting event might include six premium Spanish wines or six dark chocolates.

Our iPhone App ( records the ratings from the blind tastings, allowing tasters to remember what they like. Our TastePeers ( engine matches patterns among tasters to deliver the most relevant recommendations - based on a taster’s own taste. We're using Meetup - our NYC neighbors - to register people for events.

We picked the name – “joios” is the Old French root of “joyous” – to reflect the tone of our Joios ( Community. Our technology and algorithm are sophisticated. Our requirements - blind tastings, no producer influence – are strict. But our events are always fun.

We hold tastings regularly. We work with friends to set them up - in homes, restaurants, country clubs, etc. We often hold them in conjunction with other events. We love to partner ( with others who are passionate about flavor.

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