What we're about

• You love fun?

You want to learn to cook with an expert, a signature dish, that becomes yours?

You want to eat a delicious, scummy meal, in a great venue with a beautiful view, ASK the chef any questions, make friends and create a community?

We are about having fun, meeting and laughing with new people, making friends, eating fabulous food, in a beautiful venue, enjoying a tipple perhaps and learning to cook with a qualified third generation Italian Baker.

Esther (your Coach) is an Italian / Australian living in the UK and who travels the world tasting cakes and pastries in order to improve her own skills and because she loves FOOD & CAKE!

Fee: £40 - Qualified pastry chef, 3rd generation baker, COMPREHENSIVE lessons, social interaction and the delicious dishes TO EAT.


• Who should join our group - if you say YES to any of the following:-

You love profiteroles, tiramisu, baked ricotta cake, fresh pasta and homemade sauces?

You want to learn a new skill?

You love Italian food?

You are a person who wants to impress their partner or friends with your cooking skills?

You always wanted a hands on lesson how to make pasta and then eat it?

You want to learn to cook with an expert, a signature dish, that becomes yours?

You are a group of four or five friends, want a private lesson and then eat the food?

You want to do something special for your loved one, gift a lesson?

You are single and want to meet others?

You love all things Italian or Australian?

You are a tad shy and want to mix with a intimate group of lovely people?

You want to sit with our Italian Coach, ask the questions and get personal replies?

You want to be in a safe and happy environment when you can make mistakes?

You want to take your date to something different, have fun and eat the results?

You want to meet others, make friends in a place you can hear what they are saying?

You love learning, you love laughing, you love good food, wine, coffee and deserts where the calories are worth it?



1. Based in Salford Quays with heaps of parking and transport nearby.

2. Sessions are 2.5 hours - you are involved from the beginning and it's hands on.

3. The fee is inclusive of all food stuffs and lesson plans - you get to eat your work!

4. You will be coached in what/how to purchase and prep, cooking and presenting.

5. Different menus each month so you can add to your skill set and make new friends.

6. Run during the week and weekends.

7. Just ask if you have a group who needs a different slot or one to one lessons.

8. Fee: £40 - Qualified pastry chef, 3rd generation baker, lessons and the delicious dishes. £40 PAYABLE ON THE DAY

9. Limited to 4 guests so it is personalised coaching.

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