Storytelling Supper: Share Food, Drink And Stories About JEALOUSY.

Eating With Elephants - Storytelling Dinners Fighting Stigma
Eating With Elephants - Storytelling Dinners Fighting Stigma
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Queen Caroline St · London

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The nearest station is Hammersmith (Piccadilly Line and District Line), which is a two minute walk away.

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Join us at our storytelling supper club where each guest shares a true story about that month's 'elephant in the room - an issue or experience many of us share but avoid talking about out loud. This month's elephant in the room is: JEALOUSY.

Come, eat, share, listen and join us on our mission to help the world share more, hide less and break the silence of social stigma, one storytelling supper at a time.

We'll provide a delicious multi-course meal, and facilitate a conversation that helps you to get more comfortable talking about the uncomfortable, connect with a lovely bunch of new people and have fun at the same time. Like any good story, our evening is made up of three very important parts...


Meet and get to know each other with some elephant-in-the-room-themed conversation starters. If the idea of small talk makes you squirm, then don't worry... this is designed especially with you in mind. Our conversation cards mean all the hard work is taken care of, so you can concentrate on just being in the moment, not panicking about what to say next.

Take a seat at the table and get comfortable as food is shared family-style. One by one, you and your fellow guests each share a true, personal story on the theme of JEALOUSY. Prepare to share your stories beforehand or let them come to you naturally as you speak... The choice is yours, but tell them script-free and from the heart, just like they've been told around campfires all over the world for hundreds of years. Listen deeply, take it all in and share reflections in the conversation that follows.

As the evening draws to a close, take a moment to celebrate the beginning, middle and end of our group story - one of connections made, stories told, perceptions changed and most of all silences broken.



The openness and intimacy of our dinners is what makes them special, so we ask that everyone who comes along agrees to a few important commitments. By buying a ticket and signing up to attend a dinner you agree that you have read and accepted the commitments below, which we expect all guests and members of our herd to follow.

* Our dinner table is a place for sharing food, drink and stories in the safety of a judgement-free environment. Come with an open mind and a willingness to be brave and generous in sharing your story so that everyone at the table is encouraged to do the same.

* We observe the Chatham House Rule. That means we all commit to speak freely with confidence knowing that what goes on at our dinner table stays at our dinner table. We each agree that we will never disclose any names, private information or identifying personal details without permission from the guest(s) that information belongs to.

* We follow the Rule Of Three. We encourage all guests to spread the word about Eating with Elephants and encourage new people to join our herd. To create the best opportunity for all dinner guests to make new and meaningful connections with others though, no guest can know more than two other guests at the same dinner before coming to the event.

You can find out more about us at and get in touch with us at [masked].