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Join our Freedom binge eating & Online Weight Loss Support Group. This meeting is an online weight loss support group for anyone who suffers from emotional, binge eating disorder and diet sabotage. We meet via phone/computer/camera with computer sound, all options are available. It is a private and confidential supportive group online that is run by nutritionist and binge eating disorder specialist Aura Ziv. Aura is passionate about helping anyone stop binge eating and diet sabotaging, as she has had her own recovering from binge eating for 8 years after suffering with binge eating disorder for 20 years from age 9 years old. She is supportive, fun and friendly but most of all really cares about helping others. "Even though I'm a certified nutritionist, I still needed a support group to stop binge eating. Its much easier to stop when you are working with a coach and other supportive group of people. That's how I finally stopped!" Aura Ziv You may join the group to get support with your weight loss goals as well as working building your self esteem and self love. Aura will provide you with life coaching, she has 15 years experience offering life coaching services, practical tips and tools to stop binge and emotional eating as well as a support partner buddy to check in with daily. Our current members are very excited to have new members join our group and be a strong coaching support for each other so that we all live our healthiest, happiest and best lives possible. Please feel free to email or text me with any questions. [masked]. [masked]. Meeting is online 6:30pm - 7:30pm PST Once you register, I will receive an email on how to join our online: Register Here!


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