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We live in a time of unprecedented interest in spirituality. Spiritual experiences are no longer the exclusive domain of religious leaders, saints, and mystics. They are a part of everyday living for millions of people. And these people have questions: Are their experiences real? What do they mean? How can a person have more experiences of the Divine?

Eckankar offers answers. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth through personal experience.

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"Lesson and Blessings of Life" Sound of Soul Event

"Soul is eternal and is the individual's true identity. Soul exist because God loves It. Soul is on a journey of Self-Realization and God -Realization." "ECKANKAR Ancient Wisdom for Today" Harold Klemp You as soul are on a journey. Join us as we dig deeper within ourselves to grasp the true spiritual meaning of these words.

Spiritual Discussion 1st & 3rd Sundays"A Great Love for God"

Join us as we share how we see our "Great Love for God" in our lives. Everyday experiences show us hidden fears we have. Maybe a dream or words someone shared with you brings this to light. Bring love in to your life by learning a Love Song to God. "HU". This Spiritual Exercise helps us to let go of fear and other negative things in our life by displacing it with God's Love. We hope you will join. With love LaVina McDaniel

"What is Secret of True Spiritual Freedom?" Spiritual Discussion

"Each one of you is Soul, and it is your spiritual birthright to find the quickest route back to the highest states of spiritual being. This is what we are here to accomplish with the teachings of ECK." Join us as we explore what is Spiritual Freedom as explained by Harold Klemp in "Spiritual Wisdom on Freedom" How do I find this truth within my life?

Spiritual Exercise "HU followed by "It's a Miracle" Discussion

"Life in the lower worlds is made possible by the interaction of two powerful forces: the ECK force and the Kal force. Positive and negative. Love and power. The ECK force descends from the pure positive worlds of God, giving love and life to all that exists in the worlds below" "ECKANKAR- Ancient Wisdom for Today" Harold Klemp Join us as we dig deeper within ourselves to grasp the true spiritual meaning of these words.

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