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Meet with people who share a passion for spirituality—who seek to actually have spiritual experiences, such as lucid or significant dreams, out-of-body travel, past life recall, or encounters with spiritual masters—and to grow from these experiences bringing more meaning, purpose and joy to daily life. Come share your spiritual experiences—or your desire to have them—in an open, friendly setting. You can also download our free app from the App Store or on Google Play which gives you an introduction to the HU. Hear how it sounds when thousands of people sing HU and learn what HU can do for you in your life. Eckankar is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth for themselves.

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ECK Wisdom on Relationships

Royal Oak ECKANKAR Center

ECK Wisdom on Relationships

“Everything revolves around love. It always does. No matter how much we rush about in this world and how harried, ambitious, or sorrowful we become, the world stays together for some reason.
The reason is God’s love.” -Sri Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Relationships, p.6

Come join us for a spiritual discussion that offers answers to finding greater happiness in your relationships! Learn your next important step, techniques and spiritual exercises to live a more fulfilling life today.

The ECK Wisdom Series book “ECK Wisdom on Relationships”, by Harold Klemp, is available at the Royal Oak Eckankar Center and from any of the following vendors: Kindle, Amazon, Nook, Bookbub.com, Apple iBook, and Kobo.

For Ages 18-40: Explore the Secret Knowledge of God

Online event

The beautiful rhythm and magnificent wisdom of the book Stranger by the River will lift you into a higher understanding of God. You'll delve deeply into the mysteries of love, freedom, death, and your purpose in life.

This powerful book will help you discover a life of love. It will forever change your awareness of yourself—as immortal Soul. We’ll cover the following short chapters during each meeting:

January 17: Chapters 1-5
February 21: Chapters 6-11
March 21: Chapters 12-17
April 18: Chapters 18-23
May 16: Chapters 24- 29
June 20: Chapters 30-34

You’re welcome to join any month. Stranger by the River by Paul Twitchell is available on most online bookstores in print and in the Eckankar.org bookstore in audio format.

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The Power of Gratitude - A Secret to Spiritual Living

Royal Oak ECKANKAR Center