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Online Book Discussion Class: ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance
You are warmly invited to join an ECK online video conference discussion class where we are exploring an ECK book written by Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader of Eckankar. An ECK book discussion is a fun way to share insights and experiences and learn more about Eckankar. You are welcome to attend all or some sessions, as you wish. To join the class, please click the link below. The class will start on time, so please go to the link any time from 2:45 pm onwards on the day. Here is some information about the book: ‘Help can come as a nudge, a dream, a vision, or a quiet voice within you. This book offers new ways to connect with the ever-present guidance of ECK, the Holy Spirit. Each story, technique, and spiritual exercise in this new book by Sri Harold is a doorway to greater confidence and love for life. Discover how to listen to the Voice of God, attune to your true self, work with your inner guidance, and benefit from dreams, waking dreams, and Golden-tongued Wisdom. Tap into your divinely inspired creativity to solve problems.’

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Have you had a spiritual experience? Meet people who believe life is more than what we see. Enjoy spiritual conversation with people of like heart. Discuss dreams, déjà vu, amazing coincidences, near death experiences, seeing an inner light, hearing an inner sound, or having a sense that you have lived before. Find out what these experiences can mean. Discover techniques to help you explore your inner worlds.

Sponsored by Eckankar in the UK. Eckankar The Path of Spiritual Freedom, is an ancient spiritual teaching that can help you discover for yourself, your purpose in this world. Eckankar offers spiritual techniques and resources for an individual to discover truth for themselves.
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