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"Just a Coincidence?"
This spiritual discussion happens on the first Saturday of every month and usually draws from 20-25 people from all walks of life. All are welcome to join in! “We are individuals. And sometimes, without our knowing it, life has a plan for us –a plan for individuals to come together. We may call them coincidences. We think we just chose a certain mate or a certain pet. But often we don’t realize that many of these so-called choices have already been made long before. We get an unconscious glimpse of what’s to come, and as Soul we begin to make preparations beforehand. But our preparations look totally foolish to the mind because they don’t make any sense. We don’t have all the other parts that go with the plan.” Harold Klemp, The Slow Burning Love of God, p. 141

Eckankar Greater Seattle Center

9044 35th Avenue Southwest · Seattle, WA

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    What we're about

    The community of ECKists here in our state is warm, vibrant, and diverse — full of people who have searched for truth and spiritual freedom, and discovered a renewed sense of spiritual growth through the ECK teachings.

    Many of us have felt a sense of "coming home again," of connecting to others who have had similar spiritual experiences, and of finally being able to talk about these experiences with others who might understand.

    Spiritual experience is at the heart of the ECK teachings.

    If any of the following topics is of interest to you, please let us know. We are hosting spiritual conversations all over the state, and will be glad to set one up in your area or put you in touch with someone you can talk with.

    Beyond Astral Projection
    Beyond Meditation
    Divine Guidance and Inner Wisdom
    Dreaming Consciously
    Expansion of Consciousness
    Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?
    HU (Chanting or Singing HU)
    Lucid Dreaming
    Near-Death Experience
    Out of Body Experience
    Past Lives
    Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation
    Reincarnation & Karma
    Soul Travel
    Spiritual Exercises
    Spiritual Experiences
    Spiritual Growth and Transformation
    The Nature of Soul

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