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The community of ECKists here in our state is warm, vibrant, and diverse — full of people who have searched for truth and spiritual freedom, and discovered a renewed sense of spiritual growth through the ECK teachings.

Many of us have felt a sense of "coming home again," of connecting to others who have had similar spiritual experiences, and of finally being able to talk about these experiences with others who might understand.

Spiritual experience is at the heart of the ECK teachings.

If any of the following topics is of interest to you, please let us know. We are hosting spiritual conversations all over the state, and will be glad to set one up in your area or put you in touch with someone you can talk with.


Beyond Astral Projection

Beyond Meditation




Divine Guidance and Inner Wisdom

Dreaming Consciously



Expansion of Consciousness


Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?

HU (Chanting or Singing HU)


Lucid Dreaming


Near-Death Experience

Out of Body Experience

Past Lives

Prayer, Meditation, and Contemplation

Reincarnation & Karma


Soul Travel

Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Experiences

Spiritual Growth and Transformation


The Nature of Soul

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"What Goes Around Comes Around"

Greater Seattle Eckankar Center

"Circles of Activity"

Eckankar Greater Seattle Center

"Shaking Up Old Thought Forms"

Eckankar Greater Seattle Center

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