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February - April 2019 (11 weeks) A group of us met every Tuesday on Francis St to discuss each chapter of Eckhart Tolle's 'A New Earth'

August - September 2019 (5 weeks) A group of us met every Tuesday in the Tenters to discuss chapters from Eckhart' Tolle's 'The Power Of Now'

16 weeks of 3 hour sessions discussing Eckhart's work with completely sound people was beyond amazing. Thanks to all of you who ever turned up (in every sense) and contributed, I think we have all learnt far more than we yet realise.

Oct - Dec 2019 - For now, that's it! Nothing else is planned.

If you have any of your own ideas for an Eckhart Tolle event, please feel free to get in touch with your idea and most importantly the venue (should be private, quiet and free of charge for us to use).

Warm wishes, Siobhan.

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Eckhart Tolle Group Dublin in London :-D

Royal Albert Hall

The Power of Now - Discussion on the Whole book

Aloft Dublin City

The Power of Now - Chapters 9 & 10

Aloft Dublin City

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