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Needs a date and time
I sent an email and posted a message on the front page about this (I tried to put all that text here but there isn't enough space). If interested in what was sent/posted, please click 'like', and elaborate below with comments :)

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What we're about

Why this group? I've found Tolle's principles to be very useful, and want to interact with others who have opinions on, are interested in, or want to learn more about them.

Group Purpose: To provide a forum for discussion of these principles, and to learn more about what we may agree or disagree on. Also to have fun; fun's always nice :)

Who Should Join: Anyone who's interested, whether they agree or disagree, like or don't like Tolle. Open, honest communication is strongly encouraged, so as long as you're interested in/have opinions on these issues, you're welcome.

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