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Eckhart Tolle Vancouver Group: please join to share presence with other wonderful beings, the work of Eckhart Tolle (A New Earth, The Power of Now, Stillness Speaks), and how to cultivate joyful living for the benefit of all. If you have any questions, etc. please feel free to use: http://www.amareway.org/tolle/

ECKHART-INSPIRED GATHERINGS AROUND METRO VANCOUVER:Eckhart's Cafes are kindly, independently organised by volunteers around Vancouver Metro. Please contact them if you have any question, and please show them your gratitude for putting their time and energies in facilitating these gatherings in the present moment.If you meet in public places, enjoy what the present moment brings. If you meet in private places, please take the steps your common sense may suggest (ex.: gather in an agreed public location first, see how the group's energy feels, decide what you prefer to do when it is time to move to the private location, etc.).

For the sake of clarity :-) these are meetups pointing to Eckhart Tolle's teachings. It is not a meeting with Eckhart Tolle himself.This is a peer-group, with facilitators but no leaders. It is a co-created group.

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Vancouver Public Library - Promenade

Hi everyone! Our next meeting is on September 18, Wednesday. It will be held at Blenz Coffee Library Square, unit 205/206 – 345 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC. The meetup starts at 7pm and finishes at 8:30pm. If you want to stay for more discussion and connection, feel free to stay till to 9 pm. Don't forget to support Blenz Coffee by purchasing a beverage or snack for accommodating us with a meetup space in downtown The September theme is “The value of diversity/ the value of individuality within oneness” suggested by a participant in the August meetup. Here are few interesting questions put forwarded by this participant: What is the value of diversity in sameness, individuality in togetherness, and creativity in constancy as life’s whole and part? When can needing to be different become a problem? Is sameness (oneness) valuable? And if so, when? Come to share an experience you’ve had of being ‘different’ and ‘sameness’. We love to hear from you. To respect others, we expect the participants to honor all participants’ privacy. What is said in the meeting stays in the meeting. To provide a safe place for sharing, there will be zero tolerance of disrespectful comments, belittling and unsolicited advice. If anyone does not observe the above rules, we would ask the person to leave and remove the membership.

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A New Earth - Book Review - Chapter One - Tri Cities

Vancity Community Room

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