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Hi everyone! I have been living in Astoria since 2012, and love it! And while I have many friends who live in other parts of the city, I'd love to meet more people within the immediate area. I imagine there are many other Astorians out there who feel the same way. As they say... 'Why Leave Astoria?' ;-)

Most outings will occur within the confines of Astoria, and they will be 'eclectic'. (Only occasionally will I suggest an event outside of Astoria...) Another feature of this group is that events will be limited to 10 or so people at a time. I want people to truly get to know each other...to have good conversation...I don't want this to feel like a networking/pickup-y/name-tag kind of group.

Our group (whose events will be purposefully small in size) is not like other Meetup groups where you can feel anonymous. Not showing up for events of this size does affect the host and other attendees. I understand that things happen. All I ask is that if you can no longer attend, or have a strong sense you will be held up at work or with family issues, that you give me Two Hours notice. Anyone who simply does not show up or give me sufficient notice that they can no longer make the event (or else who doesn't provide a damn good explanation and profuse apology after the fact ....lol), will have to be removed from the group.. I don't do this to be a taskmaster or anything...it's just very disheartening for me to pay Meetup Organizer dues, arrange events, provide very detailed information on events to the group, and then for me to arrive at the venue, only to find a bunch of no-shows. All I ask is for common courtesy. If you're not prepared to give me that, then you shouldn't join this group. ;-) Thank you for your understanding!

Every so often I will arrange for a somewhat larger outing, once I feel that enough good relationships have been created between members of the group.

'YES' to:

- members that are engaging, who have a positive energy, with varied interests, and who are comfortable meeting new people and diving right into conversation! All profiles must include a clear photo of YOU (no sunglasses, no hat, no fuzzy/long-distance photos, no photos of pets or avatars) and your real name (i.e., not the name of a Superhero, etc.) I don't like hosting small, intimate events and having no clue who I am to meet.

- members who understand our events will generally be small and intimate, and that communicating to the host if you can no longer attend, is expected.

- events where we support and enjoy both the new AND the old-school establishments of Astoria. (I think it's hugely important to support the small businesses that have been in Astoria for more than a few years, and which seem to be gradually disappearing due to rent increases, etc,)

'NO to:

- joining this group with the sole purpose of hoping to fill that romantic void in your life. (I prefer members who already consider their lives full and engaging versus people who come to events, scope out the attendees, decide there's no one that 'interests' them, and then they disengage from the group.) There are plenty of other 'singles' Meetup groups if that's your area of focus.

- joining this group because you see all Meetup members as potential clients for your business, product, etc.


I find groups most interesting when they have a good mix of members (singles/couples, straight/gay, younger/older, etc.,) so no one should think this group might not be for them! I'd like to have members who've already figured out that you can be good friends with people who have different backgrounds from you, different political views, economic backgrounds, much older/younger than you, etc. What matters most is that we all are people with positive energy, and respect each others' viewpoints.


NOTE: To help offset the fees that I must pay to Meetup.com each month as a Group Organizer, I'd like to kindly ask for a $2 donation from each member, whenever they attend one of our events. Thank you!

Thanks for your interest, and hope to see you soon!

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