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What we're about

Connect with other naturists in a natural setting while focusing on the values of simple, nude, vibrant, healthful and wholesome living and reverence for the earth.

The focus of the group will be to combine personal health and wellness with environmental awareness and stewardship.

The Specifics:

Activities to include bare-foot running and hiking, plant id/foraging, swimming, yoga/Pilates, primitive nature based movement and forest restoration.

We will also help remove invasive plants and clear trails at the Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park followed by nude hiking, swimming, soaking and sauna time.

We present ourselves as naked beings as much as it is practical.

For those new to social nudity the purpose is about presenting our authentic selves without barriers and fully connecting to nature and appreciating it simply and purely with all of our senses.

Community Rules

Nudity is mandatory,

We welcome people of all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, genders, sexual orientations, & religious preferences. We are a nudist club and require nudity at all events. However women and trans folk have the option to wear bottoms. Please note that having your menstrual cycle doesn’t necessitate wearing bottoms, as we don’t want menstruation to limit your attendance.

No Cruising

We define cruising as asking people out on a date or looking for a hookup. Giving unsolicited comments about your opinion of someone’s appearance also counts as cruising (e.g., telling someone that you find them attractive). This applies during events and on our online groups before and after events. Please err on the side of caution. If someone makes a cruising complaint against you, you’ll be asked to leave and won’t be welcome again. If you are a victim of cruising or receive unwanted messages online from someone related to our group, please notify us immediately.


If you meet someone at an event and happen to interact with them in public, please be discreet about where you met. This applies to public online forums as well. Assume that everyone that you meet at an event doesn’t want anyone to know they’re there. Don’t disclose the identity of anyone from photos we post on social media or our website.


Please do not presume the gender/sexual identity of those in the event and be respectful. We want to be inclusive of all bodies, genders, and sexualities. Make a habit of asking for people’s preferred pronouns.

Cell Phones:

Cell phones are strictly prohibited from our events while clothes are off. If you need to check your phone for any reason while anyone’s clothes are off, please put on clothes, take your phone to another room, and check the phone there (we don’t want to see it). Please turn your ringer/vibrator off during the event. Clothes off? Phones off! Zero tolerance!

The Erection Question:

Not all erections are sexually inspired. If you get an erection during an event, just ignore it. But please respect others.

Be Sober:

Sobriety is mandatory. If you exhibit signs of visible intoxication by any substances, we will ask you to leave.

Bring a towel:

We strongly encourage you to bring your own towel.

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