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ECO TRANCE PLANT MYSTERY is a project born in Copenhagen in 2005 out of the longing to celebrate the mysterious divine forces of Creation in a playful manner through live act music and different forms of artistic performance. Today we are able to create music that is full of suggestive and expanding landscapes of sound, uplifting melodies and deep rhythms that easily induces states of beneficial trance and helps to attain profound and high states of consciousness. Together with the music these extraordinary states can be created and amplified with visual effects, sacred geometrical shapes, astralizing lightscapes and magic performances. ECO TRANCE PLANT MYSTERY and our trance parties are designed to create the proper exterior conditions for you to experience a gradual deepening into uplifting and beneficial states of trance with all its benefits. For this everybody have to give up any preconceived ideas about what is dance, what is trance and what is party. Let oneself free and just be. On the dance floor all improvisations are open to serve the goal which is: to attain a beneficial state of trance through dancing and letting the music vibrate in your entire being thus allowing you to resonate with its specific uplifting energies and experience higher states of consciousness. ECO TRANCE PLANT MYSTERY events are strictly without use of any kind of alcoholic, psychedelic or narcotic drugs. We promote health improving energetic work like yoga, meditation, bodywork, conscious sustainable lifestyle and healthy diet. It is all about getting natural high! All we use for that is music, body moves (dance), tonifying plants, aphrodisiacs, and powerful inspired and beautiful verbal suggestions - the so called 'trance inductions' - which allow all here that are open and ready to spiral up and create an unforgettable positive experience and higher states of consciousness. The dance floor is a field of experience that has to be connected with the inside, with the heart. The dance style is any style suitable to express the inner state and to carry the mind in the proper state of superior relaxation that is the first essential condition to the mysterious states of trance. The first principle that has to be followed is to keep MOVING! Until you can feel it vibrating in your entire body, and in your mind as a tranquil euphoric inner state. Conscious dance is an active meditation for the ones initiated to the mysteries of trance. Ecstatic dance removes limiting thoughts, prejudices and inhibitions and helps to awaken the latent life force energy in every human, known as kundalini shakti in the tradition of yoga & tantra. Every moment of life can turn into a celebration, when we learn to focus on the present moment and become aware of the mysterious dance of life. Through the state of trance the mundane can be perceived sublime and divine. Inspiring video from one of the parties. This one is in Finland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh_TAyHUBYY

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Yoga Meet Up Kick Off Party


Summer Trance Party


EUPHORIA - Eco Trance Party Copenhagen


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