What we're about

Awareness of the current state of our environment (both the good and bad) while also, implementing changes into our daily lives to create a better future for ourselves and others. Events will consist of a variety of topics, from protesting and working towards change, to casual meetings where we get to know each other and have fun.

If you are someone who wants to have more of an impact and make a difference, this group is for you. This group is not affiliated with any business or organization. Literally just one person who wants to make a difference within our world and wants to create a strong support network but just that.

If you have any questions, DM me.

Upcoming events (2)

Guerrilla Gardening

Six Mile Waterworks

Photo taken by Ken Holman A fellow eco-warrior (Jen) loves doing guerrilla gardening and I thought it would be a fun and unique outdoor activity to do before it gets too cold. Let's have a quick meet-up, scatter some seeds and make a local park look lovely for the coming spring/summer. Jen is knowledgable about the topic so we will only be laying seeds that are local to the area and can take hold before it gets too cold outside. 😄🌍🌼

Hiking at Albany Pine Bush! *Rescheduled*

Albany Pine Bush Discovery Center

Photo taken by Brian Allen. Rain or shine! A nice hike during fall. Let's check out some foliage and enjoy the outdoors! We can figure out which hike we feel like doing or discuss through the event itself. Meet at the main parking lot at 11am. If we have time after we could hang for a bit at a coffeeshop nearby. If anyone needs a ride we can try to coordinate someone in the group who's closest to pick them up or meet at a closer location and carpool. 😄🌍🍁

Past events (4)

Climate Strike!!!

West Capitol Park NY

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