Building the Organizational Structure to Create Cohousing


*** The Cohousing Development Cooperative's Kickoff Meeting ***

Sunday, August 11 ... please note the new format: Discussion starting at 2:15, potluck from 5 to 5:30. Bring something delicious to share!

Location: IYCC ... 301 N. Harrison Street, Bldg A, Suite 1E, Princeton, NJ 08540

At our July gathering a proposal was made to create a legal entity prospectively called the "Ecovillage New Jersey Cohousing Development Cooperative" (EVNJ CDC). You can notice on Meetup that there are dozens of groups geared toward bringing together people interested in becoming real estate investors. The EVNJ CDC would be unique in terms of its goals (to support the development of cohousing neighborhoods, ecovillages, and village cooperative businesses) and values (permaculture, earth care, people care, and fair share).

This should be of interest to those who want to eventually live in an intentional community and also those who want to put their money where their heart is (often called "socially responsible investing"). Setting up the mechanics of the EVNJ CDC is essential to creating a strong umbrella organization toward incubating current and future cohousing projects in our state.

We also will be learning about and beginning to implement the sociocracy decision-making process. Many cohousing communities use sociocracy (also known as dynamic governance) to facilitate meetings and make decisions.